He is a Payne but he's my brother!<3

Read to find out wise one c;


3. My skype with mum and Justin ??

When we got back to thier hotel Liam Called me to his skype a familliar face popped up
J: yes Li ?
Li:uhh say hi to mum....
J: mum?
Mum:yes sweetheart your aunt took you to live with her when you and liam were tots
J:ok... Wait we are the same age though
Mum:you two are twins !!
J&li *spit take* WHAT !
Liam PoV
Me: wanna meet the band
J sure
Me kk
-they run in-
J wait what time is it
Me 5:00pm
J shoot i gtg back to Rose and justin and my house wanna come
N as in Rose Jennings and Justin Bieber
J yep they all live with me she is my bffl
The lads:YES!!!!! We wanna come
------to house------
Justin:Pegasus that youuuu!!!!
Jayde:Yes NINJA !!!!!!
Justin:Pegasus have you seen penguin
Jayde i havent seen rose !
I guess jayde is pegasus?

AN sorry cuppycakes :( will update mire and my other books are canceled for now wanna be in then comment (:
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