He is a Payne but he's my brother!<3

Read to find out wise one c;



Jayde's POV

I woke up in my boyfriend's arms I didn't have a hang over because i didn't get drunk. Louis' eyes fluttered open " Babe, Maybe we should get up and tend to our drunks.?" "10 minutes Jaaaaay!" Louis replied snuggling in closer to my neck leaving kisses in the process. "Ugh, Louis staaahp we NEED to get up" I said getting up "Fiiiiineeeeas long as we can cuddle tonight?" he negotiated 

"Deal" I winked and headed off to my innocent little Leyumm's room ."AAH MY BLOODY INNOCENT EYES YOU MONSTER LIAM" I screeched at the sight of my brother......naked with a balloon in hand and a kitten on his umm potty. "Huh What happened Damn it .___. idek what happened!" by this time Lou was in the room silently laughing tears streaming down his face. I ran out faster than you can say skittles. I knocked on Harreh's door "Harryyyyyy are you awake?" no answer so I ran to the bathroom and to my mini fridge to get apple juice and a tylenol of course (: . I opened the door to see Harry and a girl I don't know cuddling? I ran to my room and got another apple juice and wrote a note

' Dearest Hazzah and Female friend of curly 

Jayde the Great has been here to leave some pills  and juice 

~ Jayde Payne'





To be continued.................................... 

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