He is a Payne but he's my brother!<3

Read to find out wise one c;


12. Hoe I'm loopeeeeeeey (;

After being lazy, Lou and I went walking, when I decided on getting my nose pierced. " Hey Babe, can we go get me a nose ring .? " "Your brother will seriously stab me, but you're my boo so HOEKAY "

•••••••••••••••••• at tattoo parlor •••••••••••••••••••

" This might pinch a little. " the lady said.

I gripped on to Louis' hand, I've always been intrigued in getting my nose pierced. * Piiiiinch*

"hahahahahahaha" I started laughing. It tickled when she pierced it. "Baaaabe" I said "Jaaaaayde" Louis replied. " Let's get matching tattoos yeh.?" "Best idea ever babe" he said kissing my cheek. "Mmmm. How 'bout I get 'Woody' in your writing on my wrist, and I write 'Jessie' on yours.? " "It's perfect hun." After getting it, I may have begged Louis to get me a huge apple juice. Let's just say I got apple drunk. Bad thing: everyone else was asleep. " HAY EVURAAAY ONEEEEEE " " Shhhhhh Jayde! ". Oh boy. " HOES IM LOOPEEEEEY. GET CHO FAT BUTTS UP "!

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