Nobody Compares

Vanessa Ford. She is an 18 year old girl with red hair. She gets bullied at school for hating One Direction.
But when she moves to Cheshire, England, she goes to a new school. Then she meets a student in the name of Harry Edward Styles. Vanessa then falls in love, and so does Harry but Harry is with Taylot Swift.

How will Taylor feel about Harry loving Vanessa?

Can one man change one girls life?



2. Harry Who?!

We got out of the plane.

"WOOHOO!!" I screamed while putting my hand up in the air.

We rushed out the airport and got inside a cab. Still, I still can't believe a cab can carry that much luggage.

We got down the cab and into a hotel. We checked out a room. Room 809 on floor 8. We went up the elevator and went to our hotel room.

"Hey Vanessa," my mom said, "can you carry the luggage? Me and your sister need to go do something"

"Okay?" I answered.

They went down the elevator leaving me with the heavy bags.

I carried all the bags except for this one heavy one. I picked it up. Suddenly a man with brown curly hair accidentally bumped me, causing me to drop the heavy bag on my foot.

"OUCH!!" I yelled in pain.

"I'm so sorry!!!" The man said.

"Uh, it's alright I guess" I said.

He stared at me for a while. I was pretty embarrassed. Does he think I'm pretty? I blushed a little.

"My name is Harry Styles" he said.

I looked at him surprised with my eyes wide open.

"Harry WHO?!" I said.

"Harry Styles" he said.

Oh my gosh. Remember when I said he was cute! Ya. He's standing right in front of me!

"From One Direction??!!" I asked.

"Uh yea" he said.

My eyes and mouth were wide open. I was shocked.

"I'm Vanessa" I said.

"Nice to meet you Vanessa" Harry said, "new here?"

"I thought you had a house here" I said

"Well I'm just visiting my girlfriend. Taylor Swift" he said.

"Ya I know" I replied.

"Well see you around." He waved at me then walked away.

Wow. I just met a celebrity. My mom and sister came up the elevator.


"What?" My mom asked.

"Leave her. She's gonna say something fake" my little sister said.


"See that's totally fake- SHUT UPP!" My sister said.

"Good for you sweetheart now go inside," my mom said, "and do not ever say that word ever again!"

"Yes mother" my sister said.

We went inside the hotel room. It was getting late already. We got into our pajamas and hopped onto the bed. My mom was sleeping on the chair bed thingy. I lounged on the bed.

"Ahhhh" I said, "GOODNIGHTTT!!" I yelled.

I shut the lights. I thought about Harry. I think he likes me I thought. He WAS staring at me for like a REALLY long time. But he's dating Taylor Swift! All these thoughts were in my head. Forget about it. I might see him tomorrow anyways. I shut my eyes and went to bed.
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