Nobody Compares

Vanessa Ford. She is an 18 year old girl with red hair. She gets bullied at school for hating One Direction.
But when she moves to Cheshire, England, she goes to a new school. Then she meets a student in the name of Harry Edward Styles. Vanessa then falls in love, and so does Harry but Harry is with Taylot Swift.

How will Taylor feel about Harry loving Vanessa?

Can one man change one girls life?



1. Helloo England!

Yes! I thought. I'm leaving my school to go to a new school in Cheshire, England. But One Direction may be there. Yuck! One Direction just make me sick! They think they're all perfect and hot. I got home from school.

"Hey mom!" I said, "hey Kat!"

Kat is my 7 year old sister. She loves One Direction. Now that's ONE thing I don't like about her. I went upstairs and got out my suitcases and stuffed them with ALL my clothes wich was TOO many stuff. My suitcase wouldn't close. I sat on it but it wouldn't work. So I called Kat.


"What?" She came in the room and asked.

"Can you sit on these for me please??" I asked her putting on my puppy dog face.

She went over to them and sat on one. I closed. Then another then another.

"Thanks Kat!" I said.

"Now since I helped you," Kat said, "can you help me?"

"Watevs! Your my little sister" I carried her and went to her room.

After we were done with all the packing we went down stairs carrying our heavy suitcases.

"Ready girls?" Our mom asked.

"Yup" Kat and I replied.

We got inside a Cab and headed to the airport. I was surprised that a cab could carry that many suitcases!

At the airport.....
We got into a plane. We took our seats. Good thing I brought my laptop! I thought to myself as smiled. I took my laptop and did a little twitter. I tweeted, "Going to Cheshire, England! In the plane. Excited to get there!" I already got 2 thousand likes. I have alot of followers on Twitter. I also had a lot of comments. I decided to look at some. I was looking at them until one caught my eye. Harry Styles from One Direction commented, "he he that's we're I live! might see you at the airport then! LOL" I couldn't believe it. Anyways, he is kinda cute. I already knew that I would have a fun time in England.
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