Best Movellas of the Week

Every Thursday I will update this story with the 5 best movellas I've read. Feel free to leave any opinions on the stories or any nominations you have below! And if anyone is interested in co-authoring this with me that would be great! Just leave a comment! One catch, if you co-author, it wouldn't be fair to place one of your movellas in the top 5, but if that doesn't matter to you, go for it! :)

I'll rate each movella out of 10 and give a small description of it, as well as some feedback and the reasons I liked it!

(I've seen this on other movellas. I take no credit for this idea!)


1. Week 1- Titles

5th: The Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hale

4th: The Window Seat where Charlie McGavin Sat by Aliceee

3rd: One Night Stand. By MySoulFollowsOneDirection

2nd: Crazy Side by Kenzie :)

1st: Fifty Shades of Payne by

Wondering why these were chosen? Stay tuned for the next chapter!
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