does he love as a friend or more....... {Zayn]

this is my very first novel I hope u enjoy it. pretty much this story is about a girl named amber and she ran away from home because her mom died and her dad does not like her. she felt like no one loved her but when she meets Zayn from one direction what will happen will they fall in love or just be friends I guess u have to read to find out.


22. prego- lea

we had just got back from the hospital. and I had just thought about how I was prego I wonder if the baby was ok. I still have to tell Niall. I am going to tell him second before I tell the other boys amber already know. babe I said I have to tell u something yea what up he said. ok I said u might want to sit down. ok he said with a worried look on his face. I am prego. I started to cry. its ok babe he said there know need for u to cry I love u and I am happy that u are prgo. really I said looking up at him yea. he kissed me then we went down staris where everyone was at. and I said everyone I have something to tell u. everyone looked at me I am prego. I said everyone was in shock but then they got up and said congz  Niall. and he said smiling still holding my hand thank you. then we all sat down and we ate some food then we went to watch a movie. I fell asleep on Niall. amber fall asleep on zany. the baby was up staris in her room sleep. she was so cute know she was 4. then we all woke up the next moring. I was the first one up I heard the baby crying so I went up stairs to see if she was ok. and I walked in there and got her I changed her diper and went down stairs and feed her. then after that everyone was up. and I had cooked bacon and eggs and toast. and everyone said hi. mong  babe Niall said hey. he gave  me a kiss quick and then every one sat down and ate. man that was good everyone said thx lea your welcome.


Niall- the food my baby made for everyone was really good. and I am such a lucky guy I love lea so much. I am so happy that she is my wife and there a baby on the way to. my life is like so perfect and I would not trade it for anything. I have my two princess my babe. and my baby that on the way. they both mean the world to me and if something every happen to them I don't even know what I would do.


zany- I am so happy I love amber and our baby girl Ashley they mean the world to me. today was a beautiful day to go out. so I was going to ask amber if she and the baby wanted to go for a walk in the park. she said yea sure. so we both got reday. we will be back I shouted to everyone ok they said. we were walked holding hands and she was pushing the baby stoller with one hand. I kissed her I love u so much I said. I love u to she said. and then we went to the swags and I sat down she went to go push Ashley on the swag they were both laughing. amber looked so beautiful it made me see why I feel in love with her.

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