does he love as a friend or more....... {Zayn]

this is my very first novel I hope u enjoy it. pretty much this story is about a girl named amber and she ran away from home because her mom died and her dad does not like her. she felt like no one loved her but when she meets Zayn from one direction what will happen will they fall in love or just be friends I guess u have to read to find out.


42. i want a gf (louis)

me and the guys and amber were hanging out and I said to my self I want a girlfriend. I told everyone one I am going to go for a walk. alright they said so I was walking and I bumped in to this girl oh I am so sorry as I said helping her up its ok she said laughing her eyes were baby blue. she had the most perfect smile. I am Louis from one direction yeah I know I love your guys music. oh is that so I said laughing yeah. and what is your name I asked. oh I am sorry I am jenny nice to meet u jenny. yeah u to if u don't mind me asking is it ok if I get your number I know we just meet but I would love to get to know u more. we can hook up sometime yeah sure she said smiling giving me her number. alright I should get back ok bye she said giving me a hug. I walked back smiling what up with u amber said as I walked in. lets just say I may have found my girlfriend I said as I ran up to my room. ok whatever u say she said laughing walking away.  right when I got in my room I saved her number and called her. hi is this jenny yeah she said hey its Louis. oh hey she said. how are you I asked I am great she said that's good I said. hey so I was wondering if u like to go out with me sometime yeah I would love to she said. great alright how about today if your not busy. um sure what time she asked about 7:00 alright she said its a date then I guess so I said laughing. alright ill be by to get u about 6:30 ok she said I could tell she was blushing. ill text u my address alright I said see u soon.  I got up to get ready. I ran down woah look at you looking all nice everyone said where are u going. on a date with who they all asked ill tell u later I gtg I said grabbing my coat and running out. I was driving there. and I got to her house hi I said. hey she said u look beautiful I said. aw thx she said blushing I grabbed her hand and opened the car door for her and we pulled off to go on our date.

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