does he love as a friend or more....... {Zayn]

this is my very first novel I hope u enjoy it. pretty much this story is about a girl named amber and she ran away from home because her mom died and her dad does not like her. she felt like no one loved her but when she meets Zayn from one direction what will happen will they fall in love or just be friends I guess u have to read to find out.


32. first day of school

its been two years since we lost 2 people that we all loved. me and zany are still toghter are baby girl is so cute. she is 14 know. she is growing up so fast wow the rest of the guys are doing great everyone moved out but me zany and are kid stayed in the same house today was her first day of school I had to wake her up. Ashley get up I said. mom cant I sleep in for like one more hour. no because u will be late for school so get up. ok. I went down stris and made food she walked down looking to cute what do u have on Ashley I said. go change no mom she yelled. I was starting to get mad and zany came down hey babe hey Ashley listen to your mom and go change. fine she yelled and run up the staris my life is over she scaremed I just laughed. babe have u seen my shot guy zany asked oh zany I started laughing its her first day of school. the boys wont come yet. then he kissed me goodbye alright well I got to go me and the boys having a meeting ok I love u I said. love u to tell the boys I said hi. ok well do. I was driving Ashley to school when............ I heard a big boom in everything went black. I was passed out and I heard the police and etc coming. next then I knew was I was in a bed I keep trying to open my eyes but I couldn't I heard people talking it sound like zany niall liam Louis and harry. what happen mate they asked zany I don't know I was on my way to our meeting and I got a phone call saying that Ashley and amber got hit by a car. the doc walked in hi guys hi they said. is she going to be alright I heard them ask sounding worried. the doc said they were hit pretty bad so I really don't know but if anything changes make sure to call me or the nurse. I was thinking were is my daughter is she ok was she in a comma like me. I kept trying to open my eyes and talk but my eyes would not open and nothing was coming out when I tried to talk......... I felt someone holding my hand I knew it was zany then he started singing little things

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