does he love as a friend or more....... {Zayn]

this is my very first novel I hope u enjoy it. pretty much this story is about a girl named amber and she ran away from home because her mom died and her dad does not like her. she felt like no one loved her but when she meets Zayn from one direction what will happen will they fall in love or just be friends I guess u have to read to find out.


37. first date

after the welcome home party the next day my bf texted me and said babe get ready I am coming to get u. to take u on our first date we are going to the movies then dinner. k babe see u soon I sent it then I went to go take a shower. and I brushed my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun. I was wearing some shorts with a cute top that said aye he's mine. I went down staris to go watch some tv then mom walked in hey Ashley she said. hey what are u waiting for oh I am going on my first date. aw she said I am so happy for u who is taking u oh his mom oh k. then the doorbell ranged and I went up to get it there stood my bf with flowers hey babe he said hey I hugged him and kissed him u ready he said yep. bye mom I yelled as I closed the door bye I heard her yell we got in the car. his mom said hi too me when I got in hey. we pulled up to the movies bye mom ill call u when we are done ok she said. ill pay babe he said. ok we will holding hands. as we walked up and walked in do u want some popcorn he said yes please we got a big one and a large drink. then he payed again and we walked in our movies hand and hand.  we went to go see grown up 2 I heard it was a funny movie I cant wait to see it. as the movie started I put my feet on his lap and lead my head on him. he smiled and I was laughing so hard. then after the movies we went in the photo booth. and took some cute pic my fav pic was the 4 one where we were kissing in. he called his mom hey mom we are ready ok I am coming. as we sat there holding hands waiting he kissed me I love u babe I love u too I said kissing him back then his mom pulled up and we were on our way to dinner. we went out to this nice place his mom gave him her credit card and said have fun kids. ok thx mom we walked in holding hands again then we got to sit down I got a sald he got some fish. we sat there eating talking about so many things. then we got done payed the bill and his mom came in got us. we got back home and his mom waited in the car he walked me to the door and he kissed me I love u babe I kissed him back and said love u too. ok bye text me babe he said ok I will I walked in everyone was sleep I put my food up then went up took a shower put my pjs on and went to bed with a smile on my face saying wow that was a great first date gosh I love that boy.

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