does he love as a friend or more....... {Zayn]

this is my very first novel I hope u enjoy it. pretty much this story is about a girl named amber and she ran away from home because her mom died and her dad does not like her. she felt like no one loved her but when she meets Zayn from one direction what will happen will they fall in love or just be friends I guess u have to read to find out.


46. double date

today me amber and Louis and jenny were going on a double date why because its cute everyone was getting ready I think I was the last one. I ran down it took u long enough everyone said we planned to take them to the movies and then dinner I am not sure what we were going to see but I am pretty sure It would be a good movie we all got everything that we needed and we said bye to everyone and we were on are way. we got there. there were fans we ran pass so fast that they didn't see us. we had all made but amber she was walking when out of no where. this car was coming at her I tried to stop it and take it for her but it was to late. the car had hit her. she laid there I ran over amber I said crying hold her life less body in my arms Louis call 911 I already did they are coming. they got there fast what happened they said running up she got hit by a car ok they said putting her tiny pail body on the stretcher. to take her to the hospital can I please get in the back with her I said trying not to cry she is my wife.  yeah sure they said we got in as I was running to get it. I yelled follow us and call everyone to Louis ok he said they turned the lights on and we speed away. we got there really fast we got a female that got hit by a car she is passed out. they rolled her away no wait I want to go sir u cant u have to stay that my wife though I understand that. but u still have to sit I cried as I sat down and  I hit the wall. all the guys and jenny came running in is everything ok is she ok I don't know they rolled her away.  and told  me I had to stay I said  crying in to my hands. Louis came in hugged me its ok mate she will be find we hope. its all my felt I should have ran faster I should have not left her to walk across by her self its not your felt. u didn't know that a car was coming. the doc came out who his for amber we all are we said standing up. ok well I just wanted to let u know that amber is...

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