Undying Love

What happens when five crazy boys take over your life and turn it upside down? It helps when you have your best friend around - sometimes...

Sofia and Mari have been best friends for four years. They both have agreed that if they never met each other, their lives would have been absolute hell. Now they travel around the world preforming where ever anyone would let them. Now, what happens when they meet One Direction? Will Mari and Sofia be able to put their horrible pasts behind them, and realize that what they've been looking for all along is right in front of them? Could Sofia and Mari finally find their undying love for someone? (WARNING: There is strong language used through out the book, and towards the middle there will be scenes of violence and other mature content. You have been warned. :) )


10. The Start Of Something New

Mari's POV

My head shot up and my eyes widened, watching as my safety jogged off with some of the boys. My lips curved into a frown and my lips parted just slightly. "No," I mumbled under my breath as I felt weak and alone. I don't like being around other people without Sofia. She was so social and knew just what to say, but I was never able to comunicate with others. Not after what happened...

I felt something touch me and I jumped up, my thoughts being interrupted. 

"So... Whatcha looking at sweet cheeks?" I slowly turned my head to see Harry smiling down at me, his dimples looking like they were making permanent holes in his cheek. He removed his hand from my arm and instead snaked it around my waste, pulling me closer to him. I gasped as I stumbled over my flip-flops, causing the side of my body to slam onto his chest. I instinctively reached out and grabbed his arm to steady myself, before I could fall on the floor.

A low, deep chuckle erupted from inside of him, making me move up and down in rhythm with his chest . "Someone's a bit clumsy." He said, smirking down at me, his green orbs looking deep into my dark brown ones. I let go of his arm and pulled away, only for him to tighten his grip around my waste, refusing to let go. My eyes widened as I looked at the arm that held me to him, his muscles bulging out as he flexed them. "Impressive huh?" 

I clenched my jaw and rolled my eyes, putting my petite hands on his forearm and aggressively pushing it away from my body. He still didn't budge. I continued to hold on to his arm and I could feel myself heating up. "Let go of me," I whispered, still looking at his arm. I could feel him staring intently at me, that stupid smirk forming on his face. "What was that sweet cheeks? I couldn't hear you from down there."

"I'm pretty sure she said to let go of her." My head snapped up in the direction of the familiar voice. I automatically relaxed in his grasp, knowing she would get him off of me. 

"Huh!" I gasped as he moved his arms directly over my ribs and tightened his grasp around me once again, a rush of air being crushed out of my lungs. I saw Sofia's eyes widened as she clenched her fists.

"Can't you see you're hurting her dumb ass?!" She ran to my side and grabbed my free arm, jerking me towards her. Harry jerked me back towards him and lifted me a couple inches off the ground, switching me to his other arm, farther away from Sofia. He smashed me into the side of his body, another whirl of air being crushed from my lungs. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth together. "Ow..." I muttered under my breath. 

"You're hurting her again!" Sofia's voice boomed through my mind. 

"Well, if you didn't pull her away like that she wouldn't have gotten hurt!" Harry yelled back, somehow pulling me closer into him. I closed my eyes tighter as more pain radiated through my body. "Please, just let go." But no, since when does anyone listen to me?

"She doesn't like you Styles! How is acting like a douche supposed to convince her into liking you?" 

"What are you doing back anyway? Shouldn't you be out with the boys at the surf shack?" 

"I forgot my money. And a good thing I came back, or else you would have raped her!" 

"How could you say something like that?!" His deep voice yelled, full of rage. "I would never, EVER, do something like that! What the fuck is wrong with you bloody Americans?" He dropped my onto the ground and I fell with thud on my butt. I slowly turned onto my side and wrapped my arms protectively on my aching ribs, taking in quick and staggered breaths. There was a long pause before anyone said anything. All that could be heard was my pathetic breathing and the squeals of children farther down in the beach. 

I heard the sand near my head shift around as someone walked towards me, but I refused to open my eyes. "Sofia?" I whispered.

"If you ever touch her again, I will fucking kill you." I frowned, really confused. It was obvious that Sofia said that, but her voice wasn't close enough for her to be the person next to me. I squeezed my eyes closer together, fear running through my body. What else was Harry going to do to me? 

"Don't worry babe, it's just me." A soft Irish accent spoke. 

His warm and cautious voice rang through my head and made me feel secure. I automatically relaxed and my eyes opened, looking into the sharp and light blue eyes that belonged to Niall Horan. A small smile formed on his lips as he sat down, then laid down in front of me, never breaking eye contact. His cheeks were a bright red, probably from the sun's strong rays. His lips parted slightly, looking like he was about to say something, but then they quickly closed. We just laid there, on the blistering hot sand, staring at each other. And for the first time in my life I didn't mind being so close to someone other than Sofia. I didn't cringe away or worry about him hurting me. It just felt right. 

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