Undying Love

What happens when five crazy boys take over your life and turn it upside down? It helps when you have your best friend around - sometimes...

Sofia and Mari have been best friends for four years. They both have agreed that if they never met each other, their lives would have been absolute hell. Now they travel around the world preforming where ever anyone would let them. Now, what happens when they meet One Direction? Will Mari and Sofia be able to put their horrible pasts behind them, and realize that what they've been looking for all along is right in front of them? Could Sofia and Mari finally find their undying love for someone? (WARNING: There is strong language used through out the book, and towards the middle there will be scenes of violence and other mature content. You have been warned. :) )


7. Teaching Tommo A Lesson

Sofia's POV

The boys just sat there and looked at me uneasily. I could not take their stares anymore so I just got up, ran right back into the room, went up to Louis, and said, "This is what you get for messing with me and my Mari." With that I kicked him right in his balls.

He fell to the ground in complete pain and anger. Then I yelled, "If you dare insult my Mari again, I will kick you so hard that you'll be a regular at the hospital!" Louis didn't respond, he just continued to hold himself and look down at the ground. I then realized that Liam and Zayn were there. 

Liam went to Louis' aid. He tried to pick him up, but Louis didn't budge. He pushed him away and continued to lie down on the floor, groaning. Liam just stood there and stared from him to me awkwardly.

Zayn was the one who finally stepped in. He placed himself infront of Louis, so I couldn't see that little butthead anymore. I didn't mind.  "What is your bloody problem?" He yelled out. It was more of a demand rather than a question. I don't like being demanded.

"Like Mari said before Harry kicked her out, you guys are our bloody problem!" I emphasized 'bloody problem' and stuck my tongue out in disgust. Who the fuck says bloody problem? When he didn't respond I continued. "Okay, I understand that it was kind of my fault for what happened at the beach, but this... This was all on Louis. Mari was just telling us the truth about what was probably going to happen, and Louis decided to call her a whore! What, was she supposed to just stand there and laugh it off?" I could feel my face begin to burn red with anger. 

Zayn relaxed his position and sighed. Louis lifted his head up slightly to look up at me, his lips pressed into a straight line. Liam looked behind me towards the balcony, and I could hear Harry and Niall open the door and come out, shutting and locking the door behind them. Now, it was just all of them staring at me, waiting for what I was going to do next.

It bugged me seeing all of them stare at me like I was some kind of freak, waiting for me to explode. I've always wanted to meet One Direction, and be in their band, but this is not how I thought they would act. They were so above themselves, like me and Mari were just little kids! Mari's a bit young compared to them, she's 16 but she's turning 17 in about a month, but I'm the same age of most of them. I'm 19, so the only one older than me is Louis, and he's really the only one who's been giving us trouble.

I clenched my jaw as they continued to stare at me. I balled my hands into fists, but I did my best to try and calm myself down, knowing that Mari would just want me to walk away at this point. I did what I had to do, and there is no point in making it even worse. But I just couldn't let them think that they won, I had to make sure they understood not to mess with us again.

"I'm not a damn animal," I muttered under my breath, but loud enough for them to hear. The three boys infront of me continued to stare me down, as if doing that would make me disappear. I narrowed my eyes and took my balled fists and crossed them over my chest. "You guys could stop staring at me now!" My voice rose at the last part, turning into a slight yell.

I let out an agitated and annoyed huff. Not knowing what else to do, I walked out the door, and saw Mari just sitting, balled up in a little corner. My heart ached, knowing that what I had said to her just moments before hurt her. I walked up to her and gently placed my hand on the back of her head, since she was laying her head in between her legs. She jumped up, but relaxed once she saw it was me.

I was expecting her to look worse, but her eyes weren't swollen or red like they usually were. It was just that the tip of her nose and cheeks still held a slight pink. Though her bangs were hanging messly on her forehead, she didn't look too bad. 

I smiled gently and stuck out my hand so she could pull herself up.

Mari's POV

I admit I was a bit surprised that Sofia came back for me. After that little argument we had, I was sure that she would have staid in the room and tried to comfort Louis.

When I saw her stick out her hand for me to grab, I rolled my eyes. "Come here," I mumbled and grabbed her elbow; pulling her down to sit next to me. 

Her eyes widened with surprise when I pulled her down next to me. She then chuckled under her breath and playfully pushed my side, causing me to almost fall over. We started laughing and I caught a strand of my hair and placed it back behind my ear. After we had stopped, she stared at me for a little bit, a questioning look on her face. 

I sighed and shrugged, rolling my eyes in the process. I knew that she wanted to know why I punched Louis like that, but I really didn't feel like talking at that moment. Seeing my expression, Sofia nodded and sighed as well, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Do you want to hear what I did to Louis?" 

She must have seen my lips curve up into a smirk and my eyes widen, an obvious yes. A grin formed on her face and she pulled her legs up to her chest and crossed her arms over them. "Okay, so after Harry carried you out of the room he came back and took me out to the balcony. Niall was there too, and they just sat there staring at me. So, I got a bit bored and ran back inside and showed Louis not to mess with us again."

My bottom jaw fell open, and my smirk turned into a full on gigantic grin. "You didn't." I whispered, as if anyone could hear us. She nodded and started giggling and I joined in. Our giggles then turned into full on hysterical laughter as we fell over to our sides and gripped out stomachs. 

"Y-You kicked L-Louis?" I asked, trying to breathe. She nodded and I was somehow able to laugh harder. I put my arms around her and pulled her into a bear hug. "I knew you wouldn't choose that bitchy Brit over me."

"Oh shut up, I know that you thought I left you." She flicked my forehead before hugging me tighter. 

"I-I can't breathe."


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