Undying Love

What happens when five crazy boys take over your life and turn it upside down? It helps when you have your best friend around - sometimes...

Sofia and Mari have been best friends for four years. They both have agreed that if they never met each other, their lives would have been absolute hell. Now they travel around the world preforming where ever anyone would let them. Now, what happens when they meet One Direction? Will Mari and Sofia be able to put their horrible pasts behind them, and realize that what they've been looking for all along is right in front of them? Could Sofia and Mari finally find their undying love for someone? (WARNING: There is strong language used through out the book, and towards the middle there will be scenes of violence and other mature content. You have been warned. :) )


6. Some Amazing News

Sofia's POV

I saw Mari being comforted by Niall and smiled a little. I was worried that she wouldn't get along with the boys, especially since she wan't a big fan of them in the first place. I looked up at Harry to see if he was going to say anything else, and I could of swore he was frowning right at Niall. What, did he not want Niall being nice to her? The thought of that just didn't sit well with me. 

"Hey Harold, everything okay?" I asked, sarcasm clearly in my voice. 

Harry looked down and frowned. "Uh, it's Harry not Harold. And yeah, I'm fine." He looked me up and down, still frowning. "Are you okay?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I'm fine! Just wondering why were you mad dogging-"

Niall looked up before I could finish, knowing what I was going to ask. "That's just the way Harry is. He doesn't like it when anyone but him gets to comfort the girls." Niall shrugged and Harry rolled his eyes, blushing. The boys started teasing him. 

I ignored all that and looked at Mari, who was clearly as confused as I was. She caught my gaze and shrugged, rolling her eyes. We both chuckled under our breaths. She was right, we just needed to chill out. 

Louis looked annoyed. "Okay, okay you all just shut up for a second," he said, all sassy and such. Everyone stopped and looked at Louis. 

"Well, someone wants attention," Zayn muttered to my left, and I couldn't help but burst out laughing. 

Louis dramatically stomped his foot on the ground and crossed his hands over his chest. "LET. ME. FINISH!" Zayn seemed to mutter something else, but I couldn't understand it. With that, the stage was all Louis'.

"Okay, so we got some good news," Louis said smiling. He looked at me and Mari and motioned us to come to his side. I walked to his side as Mari slowly got back up and walked over to him. "As you know, these two babes have some amazing talents-" The boys started cheering and clapping, whistling and stomping and making way too much noise. Louis clapped his hands, trying to get everyone's attention. After they settled down, he continued.

"As I was saying, these two babes have an amazing talent. They know how to captivate their audience, they have a decent look, and they can sing and play the violin a little bit, too."

"Sing and play A LITTLE bit? Have a DECENT look? Come on Louis, stop describing yourself, I thought you were going to talk about us!" I said, smiling sweetly at him and batting my eyes. His face turned red from embarrassment and I'm guessing a little bit of anger. I looked at Mari, and I could see she was trying really hard not to laugh.

"You know what fine! If you're going to act like this, maybe we won't sign you to our record label!" Louis blurted out, getting fed up. 

That shut both of us right up. My jaw dropped. Was he serious?

Mari's POV


"Is that what you and Sofia were talking about in the car... and what you and Harry were whispering about a little while ago?"

Louis sighed, "No. Well, yes. Um, wait," he said shaking his head. "Me and Sofia were talking about your performance and such. I was talking to Harry about this."

"And you didn't bother telling us about it?" Zayn said, creating an awkward silence. "He has a point Louis," Liam said after a while, trying to break the tension. Yeah well, that didn't really work.

After a little while longer, Niall stood up and came up and hugged us. He then held both of our arms up high and said in an announcer like voice, "What about a hand for the newest members of One Direction?!" With that it was as if everyone was snapped back to reality and everyone started clapping. 

I looked at Sofia, who was smiling like crazy. I on the other hand wasn't happy at all. "Um, sorry to rain on your parade, but do you really think your management would let us join you? Thanks for the offer and stuff, but think about it. You guys are a boy band, if Sofia joins as a singer you guys wouldn't be a boy band anymore. Then, think about all the fans you would loose, and all the fans that would hate us." The awkward silence filled the room once again. After a little pause I continued, "That would be amazing and all if that could happen, but I don't think it can..." 

"Why can't you just shut up and enjoy the damn moment?! What's up with you and always downing everything?!" I turned around and saw Louis' face all red again. That little sassy asshole better watch is fuckin tone. 

"Excuse me?" I said, coming closer to him, so now we were nearly toe to toe. "Obviously, your stuck over there in la-la perfect land, so someone has to bring you back down and remind you that you can't do everything that you want! And you don't even know me, so don't say that I down everything!" My voice was getting louder and louder with every sentence I said, I just couldn't control it. 

"Don't talk to me like that you disgusting little whore! I'm Louis Tomlin-" 

"NOBODY CALLS ME A FUCKIN WHORE!! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO YOU ARE!!!" I swung my arm and hit him full force on the jaw. I could feel my hand connect with his jaw, and I heard a loud thud. I pulled my hand away in pain, feeling it throb. Louis took staggering steps back and hit the wall. 

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?!?" He yelled through the pain, blood coming out of his mouth as he spoke. 

"YOU! YOU'RE MY FUCKIN PROBLEM!!" I yelled and tried walking towards him, but Sofia stepped in front of me and pushed me back. "What the hell were you thinking!?" She screamed, pushing me again. I took a couple of steps back, surprised that she actually did that. The fire inside me burned even more. "What!? So now you're on his side too!? What happened to always having my back?!?" I screamed in her face, tears streaking my face as I spoke. 

"Not like this Mari! What the fuck is going on!? You just can't stand the fact that people could be good and not everyone are like the people from our past!" She yelled at my face, her eyes swelling up with tears, too. 

"You need to go!" A voice came from behind me ordered, and grabbed me from my back. "DON'T TOUCH ME!!" I screamed and started flailing in his grasp. He picked me up and threw me out of the hotel room, leaving me alone, and Sofia still inside with the bleeding Louis. I sunk to the ground and started crying, clutching my hand close to my body. The throbbing got worse and I knew it was broken, but I didn't care. I just ruined the best thing that had every happened to me and Sofia. 

Was Sofia right? Was I so caught up in my past that I couldn't look into the future? All I've ever known were horrible people, doing horrible things, and that happiness wasn't an option. Could I really be that fuckin ignorant..? 

I started crying even harder, causing me to shake and sputter. I knew I sounded like an idiot and I probably looked hideous, but I didn't care. I always screwed everything up.

Sofia's POV

What in the world was Mari thinking?!? Oh, you know, I am going to go punch Louis Tomlinson square in the jaw today.

I look around the room to see everyone with a shocked/counfused face. Then Niall says, "What the hell just happened Sofia?" Before I could say something, Louis butted in. "What do you mean what just happened? THAT DIRTY LITTLE WHORE JUST PUNCHED ME IN THE JAW!!!!" He yelled while Zayn and Liam helped him back up. Harry was the one who threw Mari out, and now I couldn't tell where he was.

I looked at Louis again, and saw that his jaw was slightly bruised, but the bleeding had stopped. Then it hit me.

Louis was insulting Mari, and not only was he insulting Mari, he was insulting MY MARI; the girl that is my best freind in the whole wide world. We stick by each other through thick and thin, rich or poor. We are so close, we could be a married couple for god's sake!

I frowned at Louis and clenched my hands into fists. I couldn't believe I just yelled at her because of him, and he deserved getting punched for calling her a whore! Louis saw my reaction and started yelling again. "What?! Do you want to come take a swing at me too?! Well stop looking and come and get me!" He spat out, the words coming out like venom.

"Do you really want to get beat up by another girl?" I asked innocently, which only pissed him off even more. Before anyone could do or say anything else, someone came up from behind me and picked me up. I let out a little yelp, surprised and a bit freaked out. "Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!" I yelled at tried turning around to see who grabbed me. 

I was carried to the balcony and dropped onto a very comfy chair. I looked up and saw that Harry was the one who picked me up and carried me out. My blood began to bubble up with rage. "What, do you like carrying people out of places or something?" I asked sharply. He sighed and sat down next to Niall, who looked very confused and worried. I cooled down a little bit, seeing that they weren't mad, but they're uneasiness frightened me. 

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