Undying Love

What happens when five crazy boys take over your life and turn it upside down? It helps when you have your best friend around - sometimes...

Sofia and Mari have been best friends for four years. They both have agreed that if they never met each other, their lives would have been absolute hell. Now they travel around the world preforming where ever anyone would let them. Now, what happens when they meet One Direction? Will Mari and Sofia be able to put their horrible pasts behind them, and realize that what they've been looking for all along is right in front of them? Could Sofia and Mari finally find their undying love for someone? (WARNING: There is strong language used through out the book, and towards the middle there will be scenes of violence and other mature content. You have been warned. :) )


1. Oopsie! :O

Mari's POV


I rolled my eyes at what my very "quiet" friend had to say. "GIVE ME A SECOND!!" I yelled as loud as I could, though it wasn't nearly as loud as hers. Gosh I need to learn how to speak up... Well anyway I quickly changed into my navy blue bikini and came out of the bathroom. "Sofia..." I muttered to myself as I scanned the area, and found her lying under the shade of her surfboard. I ran over and pulled her up, a huge smile appeared on my face. "Alright, let's go!"

I sped off towards the water, purposely kicking sand behind me to annoy Sofia. I could hear her cussing under her breath, and it just made me smile more. My feet finally touched the wet sand and I took a moment to soak it all in. The beautiful, crystal clear water sparkled from the scorching hot sun, and I could feel myself begin to sweat. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath, the smell of the salty sea reached my nostrils and I couldn't help but smile. Oh, how much I loved the water! 

"Hey, Mari heads up!" I opened my eyes, and before I could duck, Sofia swung her surf board and hit me in the back of the head. I flew into the water with a big splash, and I could hear Sofia yelling, "Shit! Shit! SHIT!!" 

I poked my head out to see her swimming towards me on her surfboard. As she saw me, she slowed down and by the time she reached me she had come to a halt. She ran her fingers through her hair and before she could apologize, I went underwater, grabbed the bottom of her board, and flipped her over. I mean, what else are best friends for? I started laughing hysterically as she came back up and started throwing some very naughty words my way. I quickly dove under and began swimming towards the waves, and I could feel her close behind. When I came back up to take a quick breath, I heard someone yell something. I looked around confused, and a second later I felt an excruciating pain from what felt like a boulder hitting the back of my head once again. Then it all went black. 


Sofia's POV

As I swam towards Mari, she stuck her head above the water, and I heard a man yell for her to get out of the way. Then next thing I knew he ran her over! I immediately swam towards her and dragged her onto my surfboard. I began to paddle her to shore and soon felt the man helping me. Even though he was helping me, I was already planning on giving him the most painful ass whipping of his life for hurting MY Mari. 

We finally got to shore and I could tell this man was freaking out. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I didn't see her! She just popped out of no where, like she fell from the freakin' sky!" I had to constantly reassure him and tell him to calm down. I was already pissed at him, and this wasn't making it any better. Finally I got so fed up that I turned around and screamed in his face. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! Okay, you're sorry - I got that - now stop fuckin' wining and help me!!!" He instantly shut his pie hole and got down on his knees next to Mari. I ran my fingers through my hair, freaking out. 

In complete and utter silence, he placed his ear on her chest, I'm guessing to see if she had a pulse. When that didn't work, he placed his fingers on her neck and gently put some pressure. As soon as he did that, her eyes flew open and she jumped away from him. "Why the hell were you touching me!?" She screamed and hugged herself. Her eyes darted from the confused man to me. I couldn't help but laugh. Yep, she was going to be okay. Her face became red as she stood up. She let out a gasp as her legs fell from under her and she crashed to the ground, holding the back of her head. 

"Ow," she whispered and closed her eyes, trying to keep herself from crying. I rushed over and put my right arm around her shoulders, while using my left arm to pull her close to me so I could hug her. She laid her head on my chest and I glared at the man. He was rubbing his neck awkwardly and his brown eyes were full of sympathy. 

"I'm really sorry," he muttered and stood up, brushing the sand off of his wet suit. Then at that very moment I realized who it was. Oh my god I just cussed out Liam Payne. 

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