Undying Love

What happens when five crazy boys take over your life and turn it upside down? It helps when you have your best friend around - sometimes...

Sofia and Mari have been best friends for four years. They both have agreed that if they never met each other, their lives would have been absolute hell. Now they travel around the world preforming where ever anyone would let them. Now, what happens when they meet One Direction? Will Mari and Sofia be able to put their horrible pasts behind them, and realize that what they've been looking for all along is right in front of them? Could Sofia and Mari finally find their undying love for someone? (WARNING: There is strong language used through out the book, and towards the middle there will be scenes of violence and other mature content. You have been warned. :) )


13. Harry

Harry's  POV

The way Niall looks at Mari pisses me the hell off. We just met and he's acting like she's some kind of princess. Next thing you know he's going to be bowing down to her!

She isn't even pretty. So what, she has chocolate brown hair that falls in gentle waves to rest on her shoulders, what's so great about that? Yeah, she has dark, tanned skin that complements her petite frame and eyes. Her eyes are...Brown? They look like, well, brownies. There isn't anything really special about her eyes. So yeah, she's definitely not pretty -- at all.

That's why I did what I did. When I whispered something in Niall's ear, he completely flipped out. He jerked his head away and looked at me like I was some kind of crazy person.

"What the hell are you talking about Harry?" he asked, talking a step back and scrunching up his face in confusion. "I’ve never even--"

"Oh come on mate, I’ve see the way you look at her! So when are you going to, you know?" I asked with a wink and a grin.

Niall's pale skin burned a dark red as he gritted his teeth together. He lowered his voice so no one would hear him, but it still had a bit of a yell. "I'm. Not. Like. You!" I couldn't help but just laugh, making Niall clutch his hands and shake.

Another smile formed on my lips as I leaned in to whisper something else in his ear, "You know what, she would never say yes to you anyways. I feel like she'd go for someone more manly... Like me." I pinched his cheek and winked. Niall just stood there, staring at me. His mouth opened to say something, but no noise came out.

"Well then, I’ll see you back at the hotel. Alright Mate?” I smirked and turned around, and squeezed my way through the crowd. My smirk continued to grow as I shook my head and took in a deep breath. “He’s so pathetic,” I whispered as I walked back to our hotel.

***Author's Note***

Hey guys!! :D We're super sorry we haven't updated in more than a month. We have been really busy and we are trying to continue on with this. We would appreciate it if you guys would tell us what you think, and we hope you enjoy what's coming up next!! - Shyla and AJ

P.S. - We are just making Harry rude and disrespectful for the story, in order to make it interesting. Please don't take it in an offensive way, we highly doubt he is actually this mean in person. Hehe. ;)

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