In Her Last Hour

In Her Last Hour.
An entry for the Second Poetry Competition :)
i write a little poetry, but this was sort of a whim of the moment thing. comment and like if you enjoy it! <3


1. In Her Last Hour.


The wind rushes in

And out

The hooded shreds of curtains that flutter

Like nimble fingers caress them

Whilst spindly legs of waning moonlight

Make them glow, and glitter

Make them cast shadows as they dare to peek


Beyond the shattered glass of broken windows.



The dust hangs over her broken body like death

Suspended in the catchments

Of breathless air

Move like a gentle breeze is parting their ways,

Hovers, waiting

For a moment where they will crash to the ground

Like bloody tears

That turn to lead as her soul chills.



Those leaden tears will hit the floor

And echo

Echo the crash of salty waves

That wear away the rocks and wood and calloused hands

To slither through the cracks

As they drip


Dripping from the cracked surface

Of her skin.



Beaded drops of sweat will snake down her palms

Weave trails of clarity into the grit

And tingle as they meet her fingertips

There they hang, waiting

Salt gathering in the gravity of their sphere

Before they clink to the splintered wood

And explode

With the harmonious cries of a dead choir

And a broken harp


So they glimmer in the moonlight like silver.



She lies, waiting faithfully for her only saviour

In her last hour

For the moment

When her eyes will close and her fingers

Will curl like they're grasping onto something

Not there

Not anymore.

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