Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


26. You're My only Shorty..

I Love Harry , and i do want to have babies with him , and it would be really cool if Lou and El kids grew up with ours , but im just not ready for a baby right now. Im barely going to be 18 next month. But if i were to get pregnant now , it would be a blessing and i would be happy. And i know Harry secretly , wished it would of been us expecting . But i know his happy for louis and Eleanor.
Hey Babe , Can i Ask u something ?
Anything my love ,. Ahh his smile melts my heart. Do u wish we were the ones expecting?..
It took him a minute to finally answer , erm i do , but im happy for lou and El .
Why ? , Do u wish it was us ? It was hard hearing that but i kind of knew he did.
Babe , i want a baby but im not sure if im ready to be a mommy . Harry Smiled which made his dimples show. What ? I ask questioning his adorable smile.
Im happy that u want to have my baby , but don't worry i respect the fact that ur not ready , but i hope one day u will be ready . And That will make me the Happiest , aside from marrying u.
His words made me blush , i couldn't believe he was talking about babies and marriage with me . I couldn't help but jump in his arms and kiss him. Im pretty sure he knew i was happy that he understood my reasons. That just gives me another reason to love him !
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