Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


18. wow

"Yes , i actually have something really important to tell u !" " Alright , what's up boo?"
I was actually getting nervous on what el might tell me.
"well u know how lou & i have been together for quit awhile now .."
"mmhmm ? " "ermm well i don't know how to say this . But erm.."
"Ahhh El ! What's going on ? Ur killing me here !" "Lynn , Lou and I are expecting a Baby .. Im Pregnant !" The whole time el was telling me , i was so happy for her . " oh my ! Congrats Mommy to be ! Im happy for u and lou !!" "Thank u love ! I couldn't wait to tell u !" "Aww , " "But don't tell anyone , not even letty cuz lou and i had agreed we were gonna wait until u two got back" "ohh okay don't worry love i won't tell a soul! Thanks for just telling me!" "no prob love , well ima have to let u go , lou is calling . Hurry Home Babes i miss u !" " haha I'll be home tomorrow afternoon hopefully ! Love u babes"
Ahhh i couldn't believe lou & el were going to be parents !
I couldn't be happier for them , i know they will be great parents to their little one!
Hey , lynn who was that? My Sister Vicky Tomo entering my room.
Ohh it was just Eleanor . Is she okay ? Her voice sounded concerned. Yeahh she's fine , she just can't wait too see me . ohh well that's good make sure u tell her i said hi and that i miss her. Will do. So u leave tomorr? She sounded sad . Yeah i have to be at the airport before 6:30.
Vicky just sat the end of my bed as we talked not wanting to make eye contact. Vicky? Yeah ?
I Love You So Much !., And.im so sorry we didn't spend any sister time while i was here. We sat in silence for awhile , until she broke the silence Ahh Lynny i love u More little sister ! And would u mind if i drive u to the airport tomorrow? I would love that Vicky ! Thank u !
As soon as Vicky left i had to get my outfit ready for the meet and greet in the morning.
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