Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


5. work day

I arrive at the studio , and i go straight to hair and makeup. I couldn't help but yawn when i was getting dolled up. Morning Lynn ! Morning Emma ! , emma was my hair and makeup artist. Too early? Shes asks getting another piece of hair to curl it. Yep im not used to it anymore , the earliest ive woken up in the past month has been noon. So this is a big adjustment i say yawning again. haha , hows life with the boys , i haven't seen them in a while. Its good , crazy as usual i say getting my phone out of my pocket. *Hey , babe have a wonderful day at your shoot & have fun , ill see you when you get home love you beautiful :) xx" Harry actually just texted me. Oh really ? Yeah he just wanted me to tell me to have a good day. Aww how sweet of him! Thanks Yeah his quite the sweetheart haha. Hows Adam ? Haven't seen him around . Adam is emmas boyfriend. His good , working . That's good we should all hang out someday , to catch up . Yeah we should double date ?haha like the good ol days . Arlynne are you ready ? We need you to go put on your first look . My manager walks in , hurrying me . Im on my way Amy ! I hurry out the room to go get dressed bye , em ill see ya in a bit i say closing the door behind me. Okay have fun lynn !. I hurry to get into my first look , which was a red mini dress with black pumps. Once im on set i start too pose , and the photographer takes what seemed like a million pictures. Then i have too run to change into my second look , which was black high waisted shorts with a hot pink dressy shirt with black toms. The photographer puts some props , so i can play around with . One of the props was roses and another one was a box of chocolates. They actually let me eat the chocolates which was a plus . Then i go to emma for she can change my hair and make up. Having fun lynn ? Yeah i say putting in another chocolate in my mouth. Haha make aure you don't have chocolate lynn . I look in the mirror , no im good haha . At this point its already 2:45 i was tired. But i enjoyed doing what i loved which was model. After emma finishes with my hair and make up , i go change into my 3 outfit which was Red skinny jeans . Black tank top and a jean vest, and black wedge booties. I was in love with this outfit. As im getting my pictures taken , someone puts on "She's not afraid" i laugh but then start dancing around. Then i hear someone sing "She's not afraid of scary movies , ahe likes the way we kiss in the dark" i quickly turn around , Zayn ! Ahh the boys came to surprise me at my shoot. The photographer then is done taking my pictures , i ran and go hug Harry. I jump into his arms you came ! . He then kisses me i missed you and we finished with our interwies early so i thought it'd be fun if we came too surprise you! I kiss him again good choice . Well babe i have one final look i gotta go. Alright go ahead hot stuff he says smaking by butt as i walk away. My final look was a 1D shirt with jeans and black sparkly wedges. When i walk out the boys laugh. As do i . And one of my props was a poster that said "I Love One Direction! And all there names on it . . Once i was done qe left and when we were walking out all the boys say we loved your last look ! Haha i then get in my car and meet the boys at our flat.
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