Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


19. We Love Our Fans

5:45am Ughhhh ! , it was way to early ! And i had to be at lettys around 6:30.
It took me about 10 minutes to finally get up , i went straight to take a quick shower.
As soon as i got out . I started to get ready by this time its 6:04am i go check my phone too see if i had any miss calls or texts. I Did by The boys manager Andy . *Hey , Arlynne call me ASAP ! Thanks*. I decide to finish getting ready then just call him on my way to lettys.
I finish curling my hair and grab my shoes and bag and head downstairs.
Just then i get a text from letty *Hey , Are u Ready ?* *Yeah , im heading out the door *
*Alright See u in a lil then boo* i grabbed my keys and start walking towards the door ,but i text my manager andy 1st . "Hey Andy., what's up? Sorry i couldn't call u , im actually heading out to a meet and greet with letty"
I get in my car and drive.off to lettys. It took me about 10 minutes . And our driver was already there. I hurry to the door , but just before im fixing to ring her door bell. She's rushing out the door. Hey ! Hey , we need to get going girl ! we hurry into the truck and i saw andy had replied. * I just wanted to see what time did u want the boys to meet u at the airport?*
*umm , around 6pm ?* *Alright :)* *Thank u Andy(:*
Around 30 Minutes Passed and we arrive at the , fan meet and Greet.
We quickly see the long lines Wow ! I can't believe all these people came too see us !
Letty & I were mesmerized . We love our fans , and we Thank Them each and everyday for there support. We enter the building , and we are seated waiting for the gaurds to bring in a few fans to meet us. We were growing Anxious , we haven't really had met our fans , we just occasionally ran into them where ever we went. Soon enough here comes about 4 Girls .
Hi ! Girlies we hug each of them , they looked star struck . I talked to two of them and letty talked to the other two. The two girls that were with me were Named Monica & Emma.
They were super sweet . They went out too tell me how much they loved letty & I . About 5 minutes passed and another group of fans came in . And one of the girls told me how i was her role model to follow her dreams on being a singer . And she even sang wings by little mix. Hey honey , i actually know the girls from little mix , her eyes widened at my words , and i bet they would be honored that u sang there song , and sang it beautifully . Her Smile could go on for miles . I just loved making my fans day , just like they make mine. Honey u keep chasing ur dream and don't let anyone stop u . I gave her a huge hug. By this time its already 9:30 and i was starving! Luckily , we were going on break and we were able to grab a bit to eat.
I met letty , and we went to a near by jack in the box we talked about the fans we've met. We both met some amazing fans , but im pretty sure we secretly wanted it too end since we have to get up really early. And we still had an hour left of the meet and greet. After we had lunch we went back to the meet and greet . We met a couple more fans and it was finally over.
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