Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


14. twitcam

We started the twitcam and in about 5 minutes we got over 4 thousand views,ahhh that's crazy!
Letty starts off reading and answering some questions .
"OMG ! You're Niallers Girlfriend ! & she's Hazzas ! " we couldn't help but laugh
Yess guys its us!!!
"Where were u , this past few months ?" Hahah They Noticed u were gone !
I was in LA performing !
"What is Arlynne doing?" Haha im on my phone checking my mentions sorry , ill answer some questions now !
Wow 1 million people are watching us letty ! That sounds creepy
Haha it does !
"How old are u and letty ?"
Im 17 and will be 18 on February 16 woot woot! And letty just turned 17 a few months back.
"how long have u been with harry?"
18 months!!!
"Where are u right now ?
D-Town ! Yeahhhhh! Hahah
Haha Lynn , i just read the funniest thing on twitter !
What ? , okay it says Have u ever made the boys have an orgasm ? If so how do u do it cuz ive tried with my boyfriend but it don't work , i think im doing something wrong..
I fall off the bed , i can't stop laughing ! Omg letty that made my night ! Haha
"is Arlynne on the floor ?
Yes , she's weird ! Don't pay any attention to her !
Hey ! I throw a pillow at her and i get back on the bed .
Ahhhh ! Well what should we do next ?
Dance party ? I suggest .
Yeah i put Pandora on , and Still the one comes on .
Me & Letty are dancing around like idiots then we hear a knock at the door. Its her 2 Year old Nephew Angel !
" who's that baby ?!"
His lettys nephew . , say hi angel .
Haaaiii . He says in his adorable voice.
The next song on pandora is last kiss by taylor swift , so i pick up baby angel and spin him around. We both giggle , . Hey lynn is that ur phone ? Ohh i think , . As im running to the night stand where i left my phone i trip over angels toy truck. He gasps ahh are u kay arrrllynneyy? How he says my name . Haha im fine baby . Once im able to get to my phone it happens to be the boys ! Harrehhh !? Aww angel is the cutest ! Hey Babe . "hey Baby , what's up?"
"Doing a tweet Cam with Letty " "Oh She's down there too?" "ummhmm" "well ill call u when ur done with the twitcam with letty ." "No , its fine !" "No ill call u in 10 minutes?" "ughhh okay babe" "aww baby I'll make sure too call !" "Better! Haha" "haha " "well the least u can do is say hi to our viewers !" "Okay!" Hey Guys Harry Wants too say hi to u all !
*576238 views" Wow ! "Hey Guys ! Hope ur enjoying Lynns & Lettys twitcam ! I love u all soo much !"
After i hang up with Harry , i decide to just get on twitter and follow & reply to people.
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