Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


7. Shopping Day

*9:00am* i moan and turn around to find Harry not in bed. I stumble downstairs to find him in the kitchen , making chocolate chip pancakes . Hey Cutie ! He giggles and turns around too kiss me . I go and sit at the table , hey babe . Yeah ? I take a bite of my pancake . What do you have going on today ? Umm nothing i was just gonna go shopping why? Cuz Gemma called me earlier and she wanted to spend the day with you . Yeah that sounds good ! I need a girls day out i lean in for a kiss. Good , I'll call her and let her know. Babe she said she'll be here in 2 hours . Okay gives me enough time to finish my pancakes ! Haha btw where are the boys ? They went out for breakfast & zayns still asleep. Mm i was wondering why niall hadn't came running. Yup we pretty much have the house to ourselves he says kissing my neck . Babe ! I gotta go get ready. No we have time . , i finally give in , i mean I've been wanting him too. So he carries me bridal style to our room we giggle all the way. Then he lays me on the bed and he locks the door. He then gets onto of me , we start making out and we begin to take our clothes off . After a few minutes of having a "good time" we go back downstairs too find the boys joking around. Hey niall did you feel that earthquake a minute ago ? Yes , yes i did zayn . Oh my gosh , me and Harry start to blush . Then i realize i only had about an hour to get ready so i run back upstairs . I start looking through my closet i decide to wear a blue tank top with red skinny jeans and black Toms. I straighten my hair and finish my make up. Then i hear the front door open. I run down stairs . Gemma ! I say hugging her . Lynn ive missed you ! I've missed you too! Ok ok , my turn Harry says hugging gemma. And then the rest of the boys hugged her. Ready Arlynne ? Yes let me just grab my keys and purse. Have fun girls . And gemma take care of lynn for me! Harry winks at her . Haha i will don't you worry. Okay bye babe i go to kiss him. Bye guys ! See ya later.
We then get in her car and drive off . As she turns on the radio up all night comes on . We both look at eachother then laugh. But then we start to sing along . And when Harry sings people going all the way . She looks at me . Soo lynn . Yeah i say nervously . You and my brother have yall gone all the way ? Hahah i could feel my cheeks get red . Umn i rather not answer that haha omg ! we both started laughing. We soon arrive at some little shop . But we see a crowd of girls. And as soon as we get out the car . We get attacked by a sworn of fans. OMG Gemma & Arlynne i love ya can we take a picture ! . We didn't refuse . I don't mind stopping and signing autographs or taking pictures. Then one girl came up to me and said i was her role model , that when she got older she wanted to be a model and help hospitals. And she looked up too me , and she went on telling me how she wished she was as beautiful as me & how lucky Harry was to have a girlfriend like me , im not going to lie her telling me that made my whole entire day.
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