Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


16. Shopping Date

A R L Y N N E , C A R O L I N A , M A R T I N E Z wake up !!! Letty says jumping on the bed and taking the cover off of me.
Ughh what time is it ? I say turning around , 8 !
ahh go back too sleepp its too damn early ! I put the cover over my head again. Nope Rise and shine cupcake ! We shopping today ! Letty ur way* to happy .
Let's get going caro! Leave me alone rosie ! (we call each other by our middle names sometimes)
No! She then is literally starts to drag me out off bed . I throw a pillow at her for her to stop. That only made it worse. Ahh im up , im up i say getting up and walking towards the restroom. Yay! I give the , if u don't shut up ima hit u look to letty. I Love U too Caro !!
I can see a smirk on lettys face. Mm whatever.
After we both get dressed we go to the mall . As we're in the car niall texts Letty.
She automatically smiles , i know she loves him and he loves her . There so cute together! so i offer to drive that way she can keep texting nialler . Im i a great friend or what?
So letty , what mall should we go to first ? She's not even paying attention to me , umm LETTY!
Ohhh , mm what's up ! It's like she was in a deep thought.
What mall ? Umm how bout North Park ? Sounds good.
Then she goes straight back to her phone . Tell Nialler i said Hey , i say smiling .
Haha will do. We soon arrive at north park. Luckily its not to packed , since it is only 10:30.
As we walk in , we see a few people here and there but nothing we couldn't handle.
We start to make our way to Forever 21. And on our way there i could feel people starring at us , and letty also noticed the awkward starring. Umm This is awkward. "Hi , excuse me i don't mean to interrupt but aren't u Arlynne and She's Letticia ?!" Haha its fine and i think we are . I say jokingly . "Ahhh im such a big fan of both of u !! Can i take a picture ?" Of Course ! We would love too. The girl then hands her phone to her friend and he takes a couple pics . "Bye ! It was awesome meeting both of u !" Haha bye .
Wow , that was fun letty admits . I agree ! Alright let's get our shop on before more people come ! We walk into forever 21. And we split and we try clothes on for awhile . Then we're finally ready to check out . And as we're at the check out line the cashier . Was lost for words , but she was able to ask us for our autographs. We gladly gave them to her . Im not going to lie it's pretty cool , getting recognized . But it can also get annoying and chaotic.
After we left we went to Victoria Secrete , Hollister , American Eagle , Macys , Etc
After 6 hours of shopping we leave , . but we first go to jack in the box since we were starving ! Then we head back to lettys house.
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