Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


27. & Reality Hits..

After , being home for 5 days , the laziness is over .. Sadly
I had to start preparing to go to LA for work in about 6 days.
I was excited , cause after LA i was going to able to be in The Fashion Show , During Fashion week in NYC ! That was something i was really looking forward too. And Not only Do , I get to walk , But My Bestfriend El Also will be walking the Run Way with Me!!! I couldn't stop screaming the day i got the call about 2 months ago ! I cried about for 3 days , it was a dream come true . Hoping one day i get , to go Fashion Week in London ! That is my mission .
Today , i have an interview . I was kind of anxious of what they might ask me .

Kelly Sanchez ; Hello Beautiful !
Me: Hey , Gorgeous !
Kelly: Love , I heard u were in Dallas not so long ago?
Me: Actually i was , i was feeling a bit homesick and i just had to see my family i had missed them so much !
Kelly: How Lovely ! , and How is the family?
Me: There Good , Growing By the minute ! , i got to meet my niece that is 3 months old and my other sister is expecting her second baby in 5 months , so hopefully i get to go back , before she's due.
Kelly: Aww how precious ! In the topic of growing family and Babies , When are u and Harry going to expand ur family?
Me: ohh gosh haha . How did i know u were gonna go there Kelly !? Haha
Well , i love Harry to pieces i can't see myself with anyone else but with him ! And i do eventually want to have a family with him , but im not sure right now is the time i am barely going to turn 18 next month . And i still have my whole life ahead of me to think about having a family . Right now i just want to focus on my job and on Harry . Maybe in the next year or so we might expand but until them , its just me and Harry.
Kelly: Aww haha u two are adorable i love seeing u two together!!! I wish u both the best of luck , hopefully next time i see u , u will have a bump ! Thanks for coming love ,
Me: Haha Thanks for having me ! I love u too Gorgeous!
Babe ! I call for him as soon as i get home from my interview , His in the room i hear liam say from the living room. Thanks Li ! I go upstairs too my room.
Babe ! I jump on him . Haha Good Too See u too Beautiful !
I kissed him . I was just so hyper for some reason . Baby , have u gotten into zayns energy juice? He asks jokingly. Nope i just really love u !
Good , i love u too . He smiled big which made his dimples pop out.
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