Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


10. plane Ride

After i get on the plane , i somehow find away too keep my mind off of , Harry. I start looking at my work schedule for the next 2 weeks . Which calms me down , im excited that i'll be in NYC a couple of days after i come back to London. And after nyc LA. Im pretty excited .
I get too see friends i haven't seen in a lonng Time. Around 15 minutes i fall asleep, it was a long needed nap too , and before i knew it we were landing , apparently i slept 12 hours . I must of been dead asleep ! If i slept 12 hours without waking up. But when i do wake up i felt so refreshed i haven't been able too sleep good for a couple days now . Oddly i sleep better in a plane than at home . As soon as i get out of the plane there's a couple of directioners. Hmm how did they know i was coming home ? , wait they know everything ! Nevermind . I go take pictures sign a couple autographs and just talk to them. I Honestly Love When i can actually have a conversation with fans. I like getting to know them and just talk to them , show them i appreciate them standing out in the cold . I check my phone too see if my brother texted me . He did . *Hey Lynn ! Ill be at the airport for you in 10 , sorry for running late * i stay a few more minutes with them , but i quickly have too leave . I don't want to leave but i wanna go home and take a nice long hot shower , i smell like airplane .. Yeah eww.
Hey Guys , Thanks for coming but im sorry i have too go i love you all so much , have a good day and stay safe . I go inside to find my brother waiting for me . Jay! I run too him. Hey lynn ! Ive missed my little sister how bout we head home i know some people who are dying too see you . Okay I've been dying too see everyone too ! We walk to his car and there's some fans i just wave too them as i get in his car.
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