Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


6. Long Work day

After i get home , i go straight to my room i was exhausted . I collapse onto my bed and i instantly fall asleep. And a hour later i hear the tv on , as i turn around i find harry eating life savers and watching tv.. Hey sleepy head , had a nice nap ? He says leaning in for a kiss. Hey babe yeah , . Good! So what do you wanna do for the rest of the day? Umm what time is it ? 5:30. Umm how bout if we just go out to eat then come home and continue our movie night from last night? Sounds good babe let me go tell the boys . Okay ill be in the shower. I get out the shower and harrys on my bed. Hey lynn lou said he'll make us a reservation at a restaurant he saw the other day . Okay sounds good babe , do you know if its casual or fancy? No but ill text him too find out. *Hey , boo bear how should we dress tonight? *
*dress fancy cupcake ;) * Lynn he said fancy. Okay then I'll wear the red mini dress i bought last weekend with my new black sparkly heels . Alright then I'll
Let you get ready and ill go take a shower. I start to get ready for tonight. After i get dressed i start curling my hair and doing my makeup . i hear a knock at the door hey lynn , were leaving at 6:30 . Okay thanks zayn ill be down in a minute. As im going downstairs , i get a text from my brother . * Hey Lynn ! , can't wait till you come down to Dallas we all miss you . And Jr was asking about you the other day he can't wait too see you ! , well love you sis call me when you get the chance* Just reading his text brought tears too my eyes . I really missed him and everyone else. I haven't seen them in over a month in a half. I was super excited about leaving in 2 days . But i know ima miss harry and the boys . But im only gonna be gone for 4 days. Arlynne ready to go bud ? Yeah let me just grab my purse . I didn't wanna mention that my brother texted me to the boys cause i know they will bring up , when i leave and i know i might start crying . So i don't tell them. The whole car ride to the restaurant the boys are singing of course . I love watching them sing like complete idiots haha. We arrive and its packed , but good thing lou made a reservation. Once we get to our table we just talk until our waiter comes. So lou hows El ? I haven't seen her in a long time i miss her ! She's good at home working she might come in a week or two . Yay ! I miss having girls day with her , dani & perrie ! Your stealing our girlfriends ! Zayn saying laughing . Haha ohh yesss there mine ! (; Control your girl hazza liam gives Harry a glare . Haha Harry just puts his hand on my tigh which gives me chills. And he notices it so he keeps going up and down my leg. I elbow him on his arm he just gives.me a cheeky smile and grabs my tigh which makes me kind of jump from my seat . Umm guys can yall control yallselfs . Niall exclaims we all bust out laughing but then me and Harry start to blush. After awhile our waiter comes and we order our food. while we wait for our food , i decide to tease Harry , by placing my hand on his tigh , he moves my hand and he starts to blush. I laugh to myself. Finally our food is here ! And in a matter of minutes niall has pretty much licked his plate clean , and he is now ordering his desert . We all laugh at the fact that niall loves food. We all finished our dinner and decide to take our deserts with us , niall of course orders another desert. On our way home we stop by to get some movies and snacks. Once we gwt home we all go change into comfy clothes. I put on a VS love shirt with the matching sweat pants. Then i go meet the boys in the living room . Liam wants to watch toy story 2 and none of ua complain. We all get comfortable on the couch and we start to eat our deserts. At this point its 10 . I was getting sleepy but i was determined to stay up and finish watching the movie but. Slowly one by one drift off too sleep. Only me and Harry are up but decide to go to bed . Its 11:30 . We jump on bed and next thing i know were dead asleep.
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