Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


15. Like Old times

I decide to stay the night at lettys since it was 12:30am and i haven't seen her in over 2 months and I've missed her way too much ! After we finished the twitcam we get on our twitters and answer some questions and follow people.

"Fernanda Gutierrez @arlynnee How did u and harry meet?"
@Fernanda Gutierrez , we met in La at a restaurant then i ran into him again in NYC so from there we just started hanging out . And he had performed on xfactor whenever letticia was on
"Gabriel Gomez @arlynnee Ur in Dallas ?"
@Gabriel Gomez Ummhmm came down to visit my fam(:
"Jocelyn Martinez @arlynnee u and @lettyy are my inspiration ! U to have followed ur dreams and now u get to live it . U guys showed me to never give up and too keep pursuing my long life dream which is too be a professional Dancer! I love to dance , and I've danced forever ! Can't wait until my dream comes true & i get to live it ! :D
Thanks i love u both soo much my role models!!(:
Team Arlynne &Team Letty <3"
Omg letty did u see the twit that says were role models?
The one that the girls a dancer ? Yeah that one !
Im fixing to tweet her !
@Jocelyn Martinez Heyyy Hun ! Ur Tweet Honestly made my entire night ! Thank u Girly ! And u keep pursuing ur dream of being a prefessional dancer! And don't let anyone bring u down(:
I love u Boo! "
After following and tweeting people , we watch " I love u beth cooper" our all time favorite movie. By this time its already around 3:30am so we decide to call it a night.
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