Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


1. Let's see what today brings us ...

After we all finished eating breakfast , i went up too my room to take a shower and start getting ready for the day . After i get out , i go to my closet too look for something to wear.
Babe?! Harry calls from down stairs. In the room babe ! I yell back. Then i hear my room door open babe ? In the closet harry . Next thing i know harry is behind me .
Babe! I need to change , why ? What youre wearing is fine he says winking . Haha very funny now can you wait on the bed or something while i look for something to wear. I guess . Aww don't make that face i say leaning in for kiss . harry then moves away .
Harry! Haha now you know how i feel . Oh hush i say throwing my pillow at him. After 10 minutes or so i finally find what too wear . A wavy tank top with the British flag and some high waisted jean shorts with my black wedge booties. I decide to curl my hair and wear simple make up. So what do you think babe ?! I say spinning around . Beautiful ! He says grabbing my waist. I can tell he wants me , but i decide too tease him . I lean in for a kiss and just when his leaning in i run off . Arlynne ! I ran downstairs laughing. He finally catches me , he spins me around and we start kissing. I love his kisses ! Just then here come the boys making kissy faces at us . So what should we do today ? Liam asks . Umm lets go to lunch ? NANDOS it is ! But niall we went there yesterday zayn says . So you can't ever get bored of nandos ! . Niall lets go somewhere new for once . I say . Ughhh okayy , ahhh perk up bud we'll go for icecream afterwards. Okay! Haha niall is easy to please when it comes too food.
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