Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


9. Leaving day

it being 3:30am i was extremely tired . But anxious to go back home to dallas for a little while. Were on our way to the airport , and i secretly didn't wanna get there cuz i didn't want to say bye to the boys...especially Harry. But on our way there we took tons of silly pictures, and we sang all the way there. It was nice of them trying to get my mind off of things. But we soon arrive Harry & zayn helped me with my bags. I swear we walked really slow it seemed as if we were in a movie and we were in slow motion. Opening the doors to the airport is where it all hit me . I was leaving my Bestfriends , My Brothers . My ,.... Boyfriend! I could feel the tears form but i tried to suck it up. But the time came , where i had to say goodbye to them. Niall hugged me first of course i could literally stay in his arms forever he always gave the best hugs !liam was next Bye Lynny ! I love You Baby sis ! & when he hugged me it was really hard not to cry. Bye LiLi ! Ima miss you big bro ! Love you too . Okay my turn ! Aww i love you zayn ! Take care of hazza for me . my voice was cracking at this point . I sure will Lynn love you Bestfriend . Lou then comes running too me and Carries me ! Love you babes ! Love you too boobear ! It was extremely hard not to cry. Saved the best for last babe ? I run into harrys arns and the tears fell o couldn't take it anymore! I couldn't even say anything i just wanted to stay in his arms forever and never let him go. We kiss for awhile then we hear the speaker say 2567 to dallas is leaving in 10 minutes. Harry doesn't say a word while im in his arms he just keeps kissing me . I finally get out . I love you babe ! I love you too call me as soon as you land ! I will bye. and i start walking towards the crowd of people heading to the plane. as i walked i looked back and the boys were in there group huddle and there hugging and crying. And i can't stop crying .
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