Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


20. Last Day In Dallas

As soon as i got home from the meet and greet , i was exhausted the last thing i wanted to do is pack! I collapse on my bed and check my twitter.
And i See all the boys have obviously missed me dearly cuz , its all over twitter!
Harry : I Miss My Girlfriend ! She's been gone for 4 days , which really feels like 4 months!! Come home baby! I miss ur kisses /: love u my love!! Xx
Niall: I Miss My Baby Sis /: Hurry Home !
Louis : Everyone Stop ! I have lost my Bestfriend . I need her back ! She needs to get her ass back home NOW ! xx
Zayn : Where's My Cupcake at ??? /: i miss u come home !xx
Liam: The house is falling apart without lynny/:
Aww ! They're so cute haha . I miss them too , but we will be reunited soon enough.
I couldn't stop smiling at the tweets the boys have put. They honestly made my entire day ! Lynn? I heard a knock at my door. Come in ! It happens to be my older brother Ismael with his son Mikey , Mikey show aunty Lynny what u drew her. Here aunty lynny , Mikey hands me a drawing . It was a drawing of me , him and all the other kids . And it said we love u aunty lynny , and we will miss u . Tears were forming in my eyes . Aww don't u like it ? Mikey said with concern. No , Baby I love It Thank u !!! He came and sat on my lap . And i just broke down , i couldn't help it . I am gonna miss my family once i leave back to London i have an idea ! Mikey jumped up . What is it , i ask him trying to pull myself together. If u stay here ! Well here come the tears again . Oh Baby i wish i could.. He kisses me then lays down on my bed. This whole time Ismael hasn't said a word , which is pretty strange his not one to hold back. Ismael? It took him a minute too respond. What's up Baby Sis ? I love u , i love u too Arlynne ! His voice starts to crack so all we do is hug. Hey Gu- what's wrong? Nothing Rick come here!
he jumps onto of me and Ismael then mikey jumps on top . We all bust out laughing times like these i will miss. After awhile of having some quality brother time . They leave so i can start packing and get ready for bed.
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