Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


24. I Love My Bestfriend Eleanor

We talked for hours ! Me and Her had gotten really close over Time , after she does date my boyfriends Bestfriend , and we also work together so we have alot of similarities. I just love her she always knows what to say to make me feel better.
And i couldn't wait until she had her baby , im anxious to babysit for her and lou.
Before we went over to the boys we went shopping , to get my mind off of things.
But i don't think no matter what i do , i can't forget how harry ignored me.
While shopping i noticed el looking at baby clothes. I snuck up behind her , Ur Baby would look beautiful in that ! She quickly turned around with a huge smile u think?
Of Course My love ! I could tell she was anxious for the day she would be able to finally hold her baby.
We finally got back to her flat after 2 hours of shopping.
U can shower babes if u like . Thanks i go into one of the rooms and place my shopping bags on the bed while picking something out to wear for later. I hurry to shower and get ready el , let me use her curling wand. And i finished my makeup when i hear a knock at the door. Its open ! Hey love u look beautiful ! Thanks Doll As Do u !. U ready ?
Yeah , let me just grab my bag . So who's car ? We decide to use my car. On our way to the boys flat i was actually getting nervous . I wasn't sure if i wanted too see Harry after his lack of excitement towards me. We soon pull up , oh hey Perrie And Dani are here ! Eleanor seemed excited , . We get out and go to the front door , niall opens it , Hey Lynn Where Did u disappear too ? Ohh i just went to els. Oh okay he smiled in confirmation.
El greeted everyone . I went to go say Hey Too Dani and Perrie !
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