Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


23. Home Sweet Home

It felt Great Being Back in London with harry ! I've missed him so much , even though i was only gone for 4 days , it really did feel alot longer. I couldn't wait just to spend some alone Time with my Beautiful Boyfriend, that I've missed so much ! But at this point i was anxious to see Eleanor ! What she told me the other day has never left my mind . I just wanted her to tell everyone so we can start going baby shopping. Babe ?! Ohh hey babe , i lean in for a kiss but he pulls away rather quickly. Umm is everything okay ? I question his actions.
Everything is fine love . His smile makes me believe something is wrong but he won't tell me , i was actually expecting more from him that i was a little set back.
Okay Babe So what's up ? What do u wanna do? Actually The girls are coming later they wanna see u and letty. Sounds good ! I wanna see them too. Harry gives me a little smile the just collapses on the bed. I attempt to get something outta him , by kissing his neck but no response.
I was actually getting annoyed of the lack of attention. I just gave up and went downstairs with the rest of the boys and i left Harry alone in the room. All the boys are in the living room watching TV . Hey Arlynne ! I hear zayn call from the couch , i go over and sit next to him.
What's wrong u look gloomy Bud Niall adds. Oh nothing just tired i guess im fine though i fake a smile. But they don't seem to buy it , where's harry ? Lou asks walking to the kitchen.
In the room , i say annoyed. Did something happen? No , nothing at all.. I trail off.
Aww Bud don't be sad be happy ! Zayn hugs me . Hmm hey where's Leticia? Oh she went to the flat , she was going to tell u but she wasn't sure if u and Harry were "Busy" she'll be back around 8 when the rest of the girls come. Ohh , okay . Is Something wrong with u and Harry Lynn ?
No.. I stay quiet for a minute until zayn lifts up my chin. Cupcake what's wrong and don't say nothing , why aren't u with Harry i would think u two would be all over each other. I thought so too i mumble. The boys just look at me , but i can't look at them its to much. I get up from the couch and start walking towards the door. Where are u going? Mm out for air I'll be back before the girls come i grab my car keys and leave. I get in my car and call Eleanor.
Hey ! Hey babes ! Ur home !. Yess Babe are u busy? No why is something wrong? I'll tell u later , are u at ur flat ? Ohh okay , and ill be waiting for u love ! I get to El flat. I had so much to get off my mind . I am in front of her door and just before knocking she opens the door. Arlynne ! Come in love.! I walk in and give her a big hug. We walk to her living room. Soo Congrats Love ! Thanks babe , i can't wait to tell everyone tonight. I smiled at her excitement. So where's harry? Just hearing that brings tears to my eyes and Eleanor happens to notice.
Ahh what's wrong lynn !? She gasps. I look her in the eyes and i begin to cry.
She hugs me , then i finally find the words to tell her.
I don't think Harry cares.. What ! Of course he does that boy is deeply in love with u ! Well it surely didn't show today.. What do u mean ? El , he has ignored me since i got here , before i came over i was downstairs with the boys cuz Harry didn't even bother to pay attention to me , he barely kissed me. He wouldn't even try he didn't act like he missed me.
ohh love im sorry , but im sure he loves u and im almost positive he missed u loads! But that is weird that he didn't act like it. Does he know ur here ? No , neither do the boys i just said i went out for air , they probably think im at lettys.
But i hate feeling unwanted by the only person i love and want there attention! And his not acting like he cares. It hurts.. Ohh babe ! I love u ! U can stay here as long as u like.
I couldn't help but smile , thanks babe i might just take u up on that offer!. Good! I don't like being alone . Hey do u want to grab a bite? I bet ur starving.
Let's go its a date. Alright let me grab my keys. Ur car or mine? How bout mine since im in the back. Okay . El locks the door behind her while i wait for her in the car. We go to a little cafe ,.
And we talked about her and Lou and How we will be going to La in a week.
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