Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


12. Family Time

Since i slept all day yesterday , i decided to wake up early today , its 7:00am and of course everybody is dead asleep. So i go downstairs too make them pancakes. And as im making them my Bestfriend Letty Calls Me , I've known her since 1st grade and we've been really close ever since . She also won xfactor which is part of the reason i moved to London to live with her and pursue my dream of modeling. But she went to LA for a little while and i haven't seen her since.
*Lynny! I heard your in Dallas ?!* Omg Heyy Boo! Yes i am * *iam too!!!* *ahhhh we need too hang out ASAP!,* *Yess Boo i miss you!* *i miss you too babes!* *well boo ill have to call you later* *okay babes ! * (call ended) as im done with breakfast i go try to wake every one up. Key word TRY. I go upstairs but everyone is still dead asleep so i just go to my room. I decide to text letty back, "Hey Boo !" "Hey Babes(:" "So what are doing tomorrow? " " nothing just stay home probably" "well u want to go shopping?" "Sounds like a plan babes!" "Alrighty then Boo , i might go to ur casa later" "okay txt me if u come(:" at this point everyones awake. Then My brother erick knocks on my door . Come in ! Oh hey rick . Erick is 14 and the baby of 5 kids.
So lynny hows life across the pond ? He asks laughing . Oh u know fucking awesome! I said laughing. Hahah i bet , i miss u ugly his voice got soft. Awww i miss u too punk! I really did miss him , i always looked out for him i felt like i raised him when he was little
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