Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


4. Early Morning

*7:00 , buzz * my alarm goes off , i turn around and Harrys still asleep , babe! Its 7.
Harry just moans and pulls the blanket over his head. I laugh , its always really hard to get him up. Then zayn and niall at our door . Is it safe too come in ? Zayn asks laughing . Haha Yeah i was in my closet looking for something too wear. The boys jump on the bed but harry is still sound asleep. Hey guys ima go take a quick shower , have fun trying to wake Harry up. I say closing my restroom door. I can hear them trying to wake him up , i laugh to myself . Then i get in the shower. Bout 10 minutes i get out and start to change. As i walk out the shower i see all the boys sitting on my bed. I see yall called the big guns lou and liam i say laughing. All the boys laugh and Harry still looks drowsy , he walks gives me a kiss then walks to take a shower. I spank his butt as he walks past me. We all laugh . Hey what time is it ? 7:35 Crap! I need to finish getting ready. What time do you have to be at your shoot lynn niall asks. 9 im trying to leave the house at 8 . Okay well we'll let you finish getting ready . Alright ill see ya down stairs in like 30 minutes. Okay make sure Harry isnt asleep in the shower liam says chuckling . Haha ill make sure. i go turn on my curling wand . And i start too look for my shoes . Just then Harry slaps my butt . Hey babe have you seen my black wedge booties ? No but thats no way to greet me , haha sorry i lean in and kiss him . Okay better ! I think your shoes are in my room . He says slapping my butt as he leaves. I start curling my hair and go too Harrys room to get my shoes. Babe im leaving i say from down stairs. He comes running down . He grabs my waist and he leans in and we kiss. Okay babe i really have too go and i pull away. I grab my bag and keys and say bye to the boys. Its 7:55 , yes im on time just as im driving off i see the boys are also leaving.
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