Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


8. Day before i leave.

I had an amazing time with gemma yesterday , i had missed her ! . But today i just wanted to hang out with Harry & the boys ! Since i leave tomorrow. So i decide to wake up early. *8:00*
H a r r y !!! Wake up ! I start to jump on the bed like a little kid on Christmas day. Harry just turns around and puts the cover over his head again. I run out to wake the rest of the boys up.
I go to nialls room first. Oh Niall ! Wakey wakey ! Breakfast is ready ! He jumps out of bed. What are we having ?! I don't know its not done yet i smile at him. How could you play around about food ! Not cool lynn , not cool .oh sorry nialler but i just want to spend the day with yall . Mmm i guess I'll forgive you just cuz i love you & ima miss you when you leave. Yay ! I hug him ima miss you too nialler ! Now lets go wake up the rest of the boys ! Letss go wake up lou he says running out the room. We go down the hall to lous room. Niall starts to play his guitar then he throws his pillows at us we just laugh and throw them back at him. But he wakes up and agrees to help us wake the rest of the boys. So who's next ? Umm liam ? Next thing i know there already already upstairs at liams door. We barged in and liam quickly gets up , well that was easy lou says going to zayns room. I had heard yall guys next time be quiter . Haha our bad lili !
Zayn was the funnest to wake up since he doesn't like to be bugged. Ohhh Sexy Man wakey wakey ! The boys go and get on his bed and they practically drag him outta bed. Im awake he says yawning and hitting Lou on the head. Well ima go wake Harry up guys. Okay we'll meet you downstairs. As im opening my room door harry grabs me by my waist and throws me on the bed. Ahhh babe your up. He gets onto of me and we start to makeout . I break away from his kiss. Babe let's go get breakfast i say trying to get up. But Harry pulls me back down . I can't stop laughing babe ! Somehow i break away and i run down stairs to meeet the rest of the boys . Hey guys so what's for breakfast ? . Umm my famous cereal ! Oh zayn I'd love a bowl of your famous cereal. We all began to laugh. So we just ate breakfast and decide to go shopping and to the park and get icecream and grab something to eat. I was trying not to be sad for the boys especially Harry. I couldn't bare to see them cry. We quickly get dressed and go shopping for a little while. And of course there's fans and the boys take pictures and give them autographs. After shopping we go for ice cream . Then to the park. At this point i can tell Harry is looking sad. So lynn what time should we take you to the airport? Zayn asks. my flight leaves at 6 so at 4am. Ahh early morning. Yeah sorry nialler . Its okay lynn. We should probably just order a pizza or something lynn so you can pack and take a nap. Good idea lou. So we head home and the boys order pizza while i go upstairs for a nap. Whenever i wake up from my nap its already 1an. So i go take a shower. I get out and the boys are all up. I finish up my packing. And take my bags downstairs and wait until 3:30 for us to leave for the airport
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