Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


11. Dallas !

As soon as i walk through the front door i am attacked by my 2 Year old nephew .
Ohh how ive missed my baby boy . He rushes me to sit on the couch and brings me a drawing he drew for me . It was me and him & Harry and all the boys. He said it was when he first met them. Oh Thank You Mikey ! I love it.. He gets on the couch and sits on my lap Auntie Lynn ? Yeah baby ? Don't leave again ... Ahh i wanted too cry , it broke my heart hearing him say that. Oh baby i love you , but you know i work far away . He just lays his head on my chest and whispers but i miss you ... I kiss the top of his head and try not to cry.I miss you too baby . But im here now how bout we go get ice cream ? Okay ! That seemed to perk him right up. But i kept thinking about what he told me . Hey babes , my sister walked in with her 4 month old baby girl Ivette . i couldn't help but squeeze her she was so cute , this also made me sad. Everyone misses me , and im missing out on so much !. I sit on the couch for awhile just talking to my sister . We attempted to catch up but Mikey comes in and reminds me that i promised him , that i was going to take him for ice cream . Auntie Lynn , Ice cream ? Yeah baby you want to go ask your cousins too see if they want to come too ? Okay ! He runs to the other room to call his sister & two other cousins . In a matter of minutes they all come running. Hey Vicky You don't mind letting me borrow your truck do you ? No not at all , just be careful & bring me back ice cream ! Hahaha Mint oreo ? Of course ! Okay ill be back soon. The kids run to the truck i help them in , and buckle them in . I go to the drivers side and get it , i turn the radio on and little things is on the radio. All of a sudden they start singing along , aww my nephews and nieces are directioners ! Around 5 minutes later when arrive at the ice cream shop . I help theem out the truck and make them hold hands . I have became a mom to 4 little munchikins in a matter of 3
40 minutes. We go.into the ice cream shop and we go up to the counter to order our ice cream. I order a cookies and cream blizzard . My 2 Year old nephew gets , i chocolate ice cream cone with resses pieces . My 1 year old niece gets a m&m blizzard . My other 4 year old nephew gets a banna slip . And my 2 year niece gets a oreo shake. We get our ice cream and sit at a table. As were eating i decide to call Harry . (phone call) Him: Babe ! Me: Hey babe . Him: how are you doing how was your flight ? Me : it was good i slept all the way , now im here getting ice cream with my nieces and nephews . What are you up to babe ? Him: that's good babe glad you had a safe trip . , awww that's sweet .im just tired just got home from a couple interviews. Me: yeah babe you sound sleepy ? What time is it ? Him : 12:45 . Me: ahh i forgot the time difference sorry
babe , call me in the morning. Him : haha its cool and okay bye babe love you & tell the kids and the fam i love and miss them . me : okay babe I'll make sure to tell them goodnight call me in the morning love you. (call ended) was that uncle hazza ? Mikey asks with ice cream over his face i giggle and clean his face off , Yes baby he said he misses yall and loves yall. When is he coming my nephew Isaac asks . Umm he can't come , his back at london for work. Ohh he said kind of sadly. I could tell they missed me not being around all the time . But my life is in London for right now. Yeah i miss dallas and my family and friends but they were the ones who told me tp pursue my dream of modeling so i went for it and its worked out perfectly for me , . We finish our ice cream but before we leave i get some for the rest of my family. And when were leaving there's paparazzi and a few fans. I decide to carry my 1 year old niece and hold the rest of there hands . It was hard too run to the truck without getting bothered by paparazzi . But i ignored them and help the munchinkins and buckled them in . I run to the drivers side and get in . I lock all the doors just to be safe. I put the ice cream on the passenger seat and start to drive off. Auntie lynn ? Yeah Isaac ? Why were there people with cameras following us ? Ahh how do i answer him . Well you know , how Harry is my boyfriend ? Yeah ? Well they just want too annoy me by asking about him and the rest of the boys. They Need to mind there own business ! I giggle Yes , yes they do baby but they won't learn . I sigh in relieve .. We finally pull up to my moms house and luckily we weren't followed . I help the kids out and they run towards the front door . I open the passenger door to get the ice cream. as i walk in i put the ice cream in the freezer. And i walk over to.the living room where everybody is at . I collapse on the couch . I was exhausted . Did the kids wear you out lynn ? No they were fine im just really tired from the plane ride. I yawn . Oh before i forget here Vicky thanks for letting me borrow your truck. No prob . So hows life with one direction ? Its good hectic of course its fun though. No babies ? Whattt?! I almost choke on my own spit . No , no babies work is too crazy right now & i am only 17. Haha Yeah but you'll be 18 in a couple months . Yeah but i rather be a auntie than a mommy right now . Maybe in a few years but not now. I still want to party and have fun im not ready to calm down and neither is Harry. I was shocked she even asked i love kids don't get me wrong but im only 17 I'd go insane. Even more! Okay well how are you & mr. Styles ? We're good , we've been together for a year and 8 months . So you guys will be two years when ? The 16 of june . Awww your birthday ! Yeah . That's crazy . Yea but enough about me , how are you and the kids and Manuel? Were all good . Isaac asked about you and Harry just the other day . Yeah i know he was telling me. They miss you lynn i miss you , we all miss you ! I miss you guys too but im working and yall were the ones to push me to chase my dreams. We both got quiet . Well Vicky im really tired i think ima go take a nap. Okay ill be here
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