Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


17. Crazy

Whenever we got to her house , we decide to talk about how much our lives have changed over the past 24 months . I couldn't be anymore thankful for the life i have now and the people that are in it. While me and letty and reminiscing on old times . I get a text from zayn.
Who texted u ? Zayn , "Lynn ! Hurry Back!!!xx" "Haha why what's going on?"
"ur Boyfriend is driving us insane!xx" "oh come on ! He can't be that bad zayn" "Can't be that bad , really ? He wanted to sleep in my room last night cause he felt lonely! & he called me arlynne!" " LOL well i can see ur problem cx " "And if u think that's bad he was totally cock blocking everyone earlier , Perrie , Dani & El Flew in this morning . And when me and perrie were in the bed room , here comes Harry barging in asking what were we doing ! & niall and him wouldn't even let us sit next to our girlfriends !so u better hurry back !!!" "Omg ! Hahah why doesn't he just call or chat me ? Im soo sorry zayn ! But u will have to put up with him for another two days ! Sorry bud :c " "i don't wanna hear that shit lynn ! U need to come back like right now !" "Sorry no can do , /: 2 days promise ! Love u (:"
"Hopefully i don't loose my mind in 2 days ! Mm love u too !xx"
"haha talk to u later cutie (: and take care of my cupcake & try not to kill him till i get back!" "No promises haha later Booboo(:"
i smile at mine and zayns conversation , what did he want ? Oh he just said Harry was being a cock block and too hurry back ! Haha perries there? Mmhmm and dani and el.
Ahh so tomorrow we have the meet and greet right ? Yeah , what time though ? 9 to 5pm damn ! There goes my Saturday . Right at least we get to meet our fans ! Yeah but its to early for all of that chaos . Haha true , so are u ready to go back to London in 2 Days ? Sorta i miss harry but i haven't really spent anytime with my family and that's why i came to dallas. And i left my moms in a bad note the other day , i argued with my brothers and Vicky that's why i left. Ohh damn im sorry I've hogged u this whole time... No ! Its fine its me who should be sorry im the one who hasn't left ! Haha but i love u Caro! I love u too Rosie ! We hug for the longest time. Well girl i think ima head home , i don't want my family mad , ill see u tomorrow . Is someone picking us up to take us to the meet n greet ? Yeah at 7:30 . Ughh I'll be here probably before 7 . Kay bye boo ill text u when i get home . Alright ! I go downstairs and say bye to lettys parents and i go home . Everyones in the living room watching some latin award show or something , so i just run up stairs to take a quick shower. Whenever im out i grab my phone off my bed and i see i have a miss call from Eleanor, so i call her back. "Hello? El? " "Hey Babes !" "Hey! U call?" "
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