Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


25. Congrats El & Lou

The whole time i was catching up with Dani and perrie , i couldn't help but think of Harry , and too make it worse he hasn't even came up too me.The Girls even noticed how Harry was being distant , but they didn't bring it up . After awhile of us all catching up Lou and El call us too the living room.
Hey , El and Myself have some important new to tell u all !
Okay tell us ! Everyone Called.
I just smiled at El , Knowing what the important news was. Okay , okay
Lou & I , are .. Expecting .. Im pregnant !
Awes , Congrats by everyone , just then i got a text from harry .
Harry : Can we talk ? I look around but i don't see him
Yeah ,
Harry: Okay , I'll meet u in the room.
I wait awhile , first i go congratulate the Parents to be . They both had smiles that could go on for miles. At least they were happy. After awhile i sneak upstairs , its kind of weird saying that i snuck upstairs . Since i lived there and that was my room i was meeting him at.i open my room door and harry is sitting at the end of my bed . He had such a cute smile on his face .
Umm Hey .. Hey Beautiful . I walk over too him , we sit it silence until he finally breaks it. Erm babe , im sorry for being a jerk earlier i didn't mean to make u feel like i didn't want u. Cuz i do , trust me i really do ! I've been lonely these past 4 days . I couldn't help but giggle at his explanation . I've missed u too babe ! U don't know how much ive wanted u. He winks , i lean in for a kiss , and this time he doesn't pull away. I love his passionate kisses, it makes me happy to know that he does love me ,.and i was just being paranoid .
After our kiss , we go back downstairs with our friends. Hey where did u guys sneak off too ? Zayn asks , already knowing the answer.
Hmm , sounds like someone else is working on having a baby niall says jokingly looking at us. Harry then puts his arms around my waist and starts to give little kisses to my neck. It would be cool if our kids would grow up together they could be the best of friends ! Lou adds smiling at us. I didn't even know how to respond to that.
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