Our New Beginning

17 Year Arlynne & Her 18 year old boyfriend harry
Have been dating for a year and a half now . And they are expecting something that changed their lives completely.


13. Bestfriend Time !

Ahhh Letticia Rosalinda Duarte ! Arlynne Carolina Martinez ! We always used our full names when we saw each other. Ohh how I've missed u boo ! Ive missed u too babes!
So how was LA ? I ask her laying on her bed. It was amazing Lynn ! I had the most amazing concerts there i had fun ! I actually felt... Famous haha I'm glad u had fun ! Wish i could of be there though.. Me too ! It would of be alot better with my boothangg! Haha Yay ! But don't worry we'll be reunited in London !
I know finally ! Those were the longest 2 months ever ! Besides the ones on xfactor haha .
Haha does nialler know ur going back ?
Nope , i don't want too tell him i just want too show up ! Haha okay , he'll be surprised
That's what im going for babes she says winking .
So is our flat still up ? Or have the boys burned it down ? Haha no its still in tip top shape just like u left it . Ive actually been staying with the boys the time u were gone , i heard nialler told me . That's good though that way u wouldn't have to be alone all the time. Yeah , im happy with Harry and the boys. But i can't wait to live with my Bestfriend again! I can't wait either lynn !.
Well are we still going shopping tomorrow ? She asked giggling at some pictures of us on her wall. Duhhh Boo ! Ahh i love our pictures i said laughing . Yay! Haha right good times good times .. Hey letticia do u want to twit cam ? We haven't done one in forever ! I tell her walking towards her laptop . Yess we should ! Lets tweet about it first.
Okay . I get on my twitter
Hey Guys ! Im having some Bestfriend time with Letty ! And we thought it'd be fun if we had a twit cam ? We haven't done one in forever !! & we really want to talk to our Beautiful amazing fans! Okay so get ready Guys we will be on in 45 minutes ! Ahhh im excited so get ur questions ready !!! Xxx @Letticia_Duarte18 "
Twit cam with @Arlynne_M_S16 !! Get ur questions ready for us ! Probably start in less than an hour ! Im excited ! :D #BestfriendTime #Twitcam #Excited "
We got over 2 million retweets ! That's crazy! Well should we start lynn ? Yeah ! Im excited ! I was actually really looking forward to doing a twitcam . I've been wanting to do one but I've been busy , but now its the perfect time .
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