Nobody Compares.

Jessica is turning 16 still hasn't found the perfect guy. Her friends always set up blind dates but there always end up being a jock or a jerk. Her friends always make fun if her about it. A new guy moves next door. His name is Nick he is 17 and the cutest thing she ever seen. She and Nick soon become best friends. But relationships become closer and secrets build up.


2. Wanna come over?

All that night Jessica keep seeing those hazel eyes in her mind. It keep her up all night. In the morning it felt like Jessica had no sleep. She was in such a great mood when she woke up. She put on her clothes slipped on her shoes did her makeup and hair and brushed her teeth an grabbed a apple and kissed her mom on the cheek on her way out. She hoped in her silver Lexus and drove to school looking over to see Nick outside and she had a apple in her mouth looking ridiculous she smiled and waved and Nick laughed and smiled back at her. When she arrived at school she talked to her friends till the bell ring and she turned around to go to her class and bumped right into him."Oh it you again." Nick says jokingly . "We'll your nice." Jessica said giggling,bent down to pick up her books. Nick bends down to help as says "Are you stalking me? I mean I need to know what's going on??" Nick says laughing. "I'm stalking you?? More like our stalking me!" Jessica says pushing him playfully. Blurring !! "Thanks now I'm late for class" Jessica says laughing. "My pleasure." Nick says smiling. "What class you going to?" Jessica says. "Hmm history." Nick says. "Me to!" Jessica says fast and somewhat excitedly." Oh god I'm stuck with you for 40 more minutes." Nick said jokingly. "Shut up!" Jessica said joking.


"Mom I'm home!" Jessica says. "Mom!" There was a note on the counter that said staying late for work, call if you have emergency and Max is at his friends! Xoxoxo Mom." Jessica sat on the couch and then her phone went off. It was a message from Conner."Hey babe what you doing tonight? 

Jessica replies" Nothing.. Umm hey my mom wont be back til late.. wanna come over??"

Conner: I'll be over at 8 (:

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