Nobody Compares.

Jessica is turning 16 still hasn't found the perfect guy. Her friends always set up blind dates but there always end up being a jock or a jerk. Her friends always make fun if her about it. A new guy moves next door. His name is Nick he is 17 and the cutest thing she ever seen. She and Nick soon become best friends. But relationships become closer and secrets build up.


1. Hi.

Breath Jessica you can do this. Just open the doors and walk in. Your a sophomore now. You have lots if friends. Just go in. Jessica opens the door and walks in. Her group of friends run to her giving hugs. "Jessie we missed you!" They screamed. "We hung out last week haha!" Jessica says. "Soo.." Kayleah says. Jessica is part of the so called clique. The popular group,she doesn't consider herself popular.She doesn't really like the group. There is 5 girls in the group including herself. There is Stacey she is rich and a total bitch but I love her. Stacey don't take crap. Then there Kayleah she is the slut in the group she had sex more than I can count. Kayleah is rude and interrupts conversations and thinks she is the boss of the school and she can get everything she wants. She is a stuck up whore and I don't like her, Miranda is a sweetheart in the group she is love able she is a great best friend an she is like a therapist, she helps me and Kayleah when we fight we always end up forgiving because Miranda helps us through. Miranda knows all my deepest secrets an will always be there for me. I love her to death! Then there's the group leader the cheer captain, Kayla. She is the official maker of the group. She is the one that got us together. We all met at cheer practice and she was like you guys are my best friends like make a group and I was like okay. Kayla is known a the rich whore of the school. I don't really like her but whatever. Stacey is dating baseball star Darren Hawks,Kayleah is dating Shawn Young the football player,Miranda is dating soccer captain Caleb Brand,and Kayla is dating football captain Josh Smith and me.. I'm dating the sweetest guy in the word! Conner Jones,he is the basketball star. I love him so much he so sweet,he buys me flowers and chocolate when im sad and is always there when i need him. "Kayla I love your new hair!" Jessica says. "I know right!" Kayla says cockily. EIGHT HOURS LATER "Bye guys!" Jessica says to her friends. When Jessica arrives at her house she sees a moving truck. She runs inside,"Mom who's moving in?" Jessica says anxiously. "The Carter family, they have a son an a daughter.the boys seems to be your age." Jessica's mom says. "Why can't it be a girl ugh why a guy." Jessica says walking upstairs to her room. LATER THAT NIGHT "Jess mom said come down for dinner." Jessica's little brother said. "Fine I'm coming." Jessica says under her breath. "Glad you can join us." Jeff says. Jeff is her moms husband. Jessica's and Max her little brother dad died two years if cancer an she hasn't been the same ever since she is shocked her mom moved on so fast. Jeff thinks he is her dad and max's to. Jessica and Jeff don't get along. He is to demanded and thinks he rules her. To Jessica he is a total dick. "Jessica what did I say about wearing makeup,whores where makeup." Jeff said angrily. "You would know." Jessica said with a smirk. "That is it Jessica go to our room!" Jessica's mom says demanding. "I would love to mommy." Jessica says cockily. "On second thought take out the fucking trash." Jessica's mom says pissed off . "Whatever." Jessica says. As Jessica opens the door to take the trash out the dog runs out. "Shit!" Jessica says. Jessica put the trash in the trash can. "Molly come here!!" She says. Molly ran in the neighbors yard. Jessica claims over the get to there yard and starts running after her. SMACK! she ran right into a boy. "Are you alright?" She looks up to see a brown headed boy with hazel eyes staring right into her deep blue eyes. "Sorry I was trying to get my dog." Jessica says. "That's okay he says giggling." Jessica get off the ground and says"Hi I'm Jessica." "Hi I'm-I'm N-nick" you can tell they fell for each just by saying hi.

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