Finley Abbott and Liam Payne were inseparable since they were little kids. Fast forward to 2012- as they finally meet again. This time, Liam and his bandmates are internationally famous and tour worldwide.
Finley thinks she's got all of Liam's mates figured out, all except one. Zayn Malik.


2. is that you, liam payne?




   "Finley?" I heard a voice come from behind me and I jumped out of my skin.


   "Sorry, I thought you were someone I knew," said a meek voice in reply, and I whipped around in surprise. Even though I was standing in the middle of the supermarket, this was the last place I'd expect to run into an old friend.

   "No..." I said in a hushed voice, as I stared blankly at the guy infront of me. He was with four other guys. "Holy crap, is that you Liam Payne?" He froze, his back already half-turned to me.

   "Fin?" he whispered in disbelief.

   "Oh my god!" I cried, running at him crazily. I launched myself into his arms, where I found my warmth and comfort. It had been so long since I'd seen him. "Where have you been?"

   "Where have I been?" he demanded, pulling away to stare at my face, take me in properly. He still look shocked. "I've been trying to find you for...for...ever. I went back home, but everyone told me your family moved out of town and no one knew where to find you..."

   "Shut up," I laughed, as he trailed off from his rambling. I pulled him back into the hug. "I've missed you so much, Payno."

   He chuckled in my ear. That was my old nickname for him. Payno. He'd never really liked it, he used to scowl and his chubby cheeks would crease with his baby-dimples. He didn't have those dimples anymore, not with all the muscle in place of the fat.

   "So Liam, are you going to introduce us or not?" piped up one of his friends who were hovering close by. I glanced at him distractedly, noticing his high cheekbones and grey blue eyes.

   "Oh yeah," replied Liam, as if he'd forgotten his mates were there. "Er, Fin, these are the boys. In my band, that is."

   "Your band?" demanded the same guy, placing his hands on his hips. He had a twang of a regional accent. "Since when has it been your band, Liam?"

   "I meant our band," he corrected quickly, with a blush as he glanced at me.

   "I'm Louis," said that same guy, stepping forward, "Liam's being a bit of a twat."

   "I am not."

   "Oh," continued Louis as if Liam hadn't spoken. He pointed to each of the others in turn. First the blonde, then the curly haired one, then the last one. "This is Niall, Harry and Zayn."


   I took one look at him and nearly fell right into those honey eyes. I forced myself to swallow, before I looked down at the supermarket floor and decided to speak to that instead.


   "OK, that's all of it," said the blonde one. He was carrying a basket, piled high with food. Niall, I think his name was. Not that I could forget that cute accent.

   "Look we've got to go," said Liam quickly, checking his watch. "Could you come to a concert we're doing tonight?"

   "Sure," I replied. Heh. Not like I had anything better to do.

   "Great, um just pop in backstage and tell security your name," he said, leaning forward and pecking me on the cheek. "See ya, Fin." Even after the boys disappeared and Liam waved me goodbye, I could still remember the way that his eyes met with mine- Zayn, I remember his name was.

   My cheek was tingling.

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