Love doesn't always lasts for an eternity

Hayley has just gotten out of hospital from cancer. She got it early so it was fine but it was the scariest thing in her life. She wished for a boyfriend to look after her forever and ever and got that but he cheated on her with this other chick. She was so sad she went missing and ran away to the U.K. When she gets caught by One Direction will 1D report her to the police or will they take her away?


2. Wishing and praying for something special

Hayleys pov
Since I got cancer I have always been praying that it would get better and it has. I wished that one day I would find a perfect boy and I did but he cheated on me. It was so painful going through a breakup when you thought you loved someone so much then they break your heart. I ran away with all the money my mum gave me when I was little before she died of breast cancer and my dad died of pneumonia. Sometimes I look after my little sister who is 15. She drinks and smokes which I try to stop because she is the worst example for my little, little sister who is nine. She told me once that she had a cigarette like 5 and a couple of beers because my sister made her. I don't believe her. Both of my sisters have already had it and I haven't. My family is so stuffed up. My nine year old sister was pregnant but then her boyfriend who is 14 punched her in the stomach so the baby would die. She still go outs with him. My younger sister who is 15 has had a baby buy she gave it up for adoption which I thought was a sensible thing to do. So lets get back to the story.
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