Love doesn't always lasts for an eternity

Hayley has just gotten out of hospital from cancer. She got it early so it was fine but it was the scariest thing in her life. She wished for a boyfriend to look after her forever and ever and got that but he cheated on her with this other chick. She was so sad she went missing and ran away to the U.K. When she gets caught by One Direction will 1D report her to the police or will they take her away?


4. Waking up in a strange place

Hayleys pov
Where was I? Who am I? I saw 4 boys and 1 boy lying on a hospital bed next to me. I looked at myself who was in 100% pain. I said "Where am I?"
"You are in hospital dear," said this voice I know of.
"You had a very nasty accident you were running and tripped over you are going to be in a wheel chair for probably one year or so and you got cuts everywhere," said a voice in a very strong British accent.
"But why was I running?"
"I don't know."

After that I couldn't concentrate I just feel asleep.
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