Love doesn't always lasts for an eternity

Hayley has just gotten out of hospital from cancer. She got it early so it was fine but it was the scariest thing in her life. She wished for a boyfriend to look after her forever and ever and got that but he cheated on her with this other chick. She was so sad she went missing and ran away to the U.K. When she gets caught by One Direction will 1D report her to the police or will they take her away?


6. Seeing the boys

Hayleys pov I tried to move but I couldn't. I screamed as loud as I could saying help me. No one came. The next time I screamed Harry came. " What's wrong sweetie?" "Why can't I move?" "You are in a wheelchair remember." "Can you carry me downstairs?" "Yeah sure," said Harry "Thank you." As Harry picked me up I gave him a peck on the cheek and then he put me infront of the fire with him and then feel asleep curled in his arms. I woke up at about 10 am. Harry made me breakfast. "Thanks Harry," I said. "Its ok," He said. "Harry will you-," "What?" Said Harry smiling. "Be my b-boyfriend because you're so nice to me and I feel I can trust you," I said. "Yes, yes, yes!" He said excitedly. "I am still kind've tired can you take me upstairs to your bed?" "Sure can I join?" He asked. "Yes I was just going to ask that," I giggled. Harry lay me on the bed and cuddled up to me. He feel asleep and I played with his hair. I checked my tweets: @Hayleylovesharry I am sooo happy for you and Harry! @Hayleylovesharry ew why is he dating u? @Hayleylovesharry go die i am harrys!

I turned of my phone and called one of the boys I called Louis. "Hello Lou speaking. 

Hi Lou its me Hayley!

Oh Hi Hayley!

Can you take me somewhere because you know I can't walk and stuff? I know you just broke up with Elenaour but can you take me out for lunch?

Sure where you at?

In my bed silly I can't get out unless I want to hurt myself even more.

Ok at Harrys?


Ok see ya soon I'll pick ya up!

K bye!

I ended the call and heard Louis was already here and he was parking outside. He unlocked the door and came in. "Hey Lou up here!" I whispered as loud as I could. Lou came up and said "You can't go into town in your pjs." "Well I can't get changed!" I said starting to blush. "I'll help then." "Ok" Louis pulled of my top for me and un-clipped my bra and gave me a new one and a baggy shirt and a jumper. He un-tied my jami shorts and I took of my under-ware. He got me new under-ware and fat pants and put my socks on for me and put my vans on for me. "Thanks Louis!" I gave him a long kiss on the lips which he didn't mind. He carried me downstairs but then got my wheel chair and wheeled me into town. Papparazi's were everywhere. Louis said "You are a really good kisser!" "Thanks I have had a lot of practise" I giggled. We had lunch then he took me home. Harry was still sleeping so we decided to go to Liams house and watch toy story 1 2 and 3. I cuddled up to Louis and slowly drifted off to sleep.


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