Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


11. your not even going to try!?


as i walk i see adam,he grabs my arm "there you are."he says, i roll my eyes"what?"i ask "you just disapperd."he said "ya well i was uhh looking at couchs." i lie "really?"he asks i nod my head."alright so i was thinking about getting this sink."adam states leading me to a silver sink that i couldent care less about."ya its lovely." i state he smiles "great."he says and calls a  worker over "hello can you please bring this sink to our house please?"he asks and i roll my eyes,everything he says just makes me want to throw up.the worker nods"alright lets go look at couchs."he says happily "adam." i say he looks at me "yes?'he asks "can i please go? i hate furniture shopping." i say "amelia no,we are spending time together."he smiles "i promise if you let me leave i will hang with you for the whole day tomorrow." i say and after the words come out of my mouth i wish they dident,adam thought for a minute."fine." he say and i smile. i then begin to walk away and take out my phone and text harry "hey im free right now can i explain?-amelia"minutes later i get a response "sure where?-harry" "where are you?-amelia" i press send "at the bedroom junk-harry" i smile "great stay there im coming:)-amelia" i then slip my phone in my pocket and begin to jog to the bedroom stuff. i see harry on a display bed laughing as lucy trys to push him off, i run towards them."harry,amelia is here."lucy says and then harry gets off the display bed "hey."he says "hey, i have the rest of the day to myself." i smile and he smiles too "how about we go to mcdonalds then?"harry ask i nod my head "well i see that you two are going out so i guess im going to go back to my flat."lucy says "alright bye see you tomorrow?"harry asks her she nods "ya will the boys be there?"she asks "probably." harry responded, i wasn't sure who he meant by  "the boys."but i didn't even bother to ask. harry looked at me and i smiled "alright lets go." he said and i followed behind him as we made our way to his car "so how's your day been?" i ask trying to get a conversation started "confusing. "he says "how so?" i ask and then he looks at me "are you really asking that? "he questions with a slight smile on his face that showed his dimples and i laughed "yes i actually am." i say and he shakes his head "well considering that the girl i went on a coffee date with has a fiancée that she never told me about." he says "once i explain everything to you, its not that confusing." i say and he sighs "cant you start explaining now? "he questions "no, at McDonalds." i say and then we reach his car, he unlocks the doors and i sit in the passenger's seat as he sits in the drivers, he puts the car into to drive and then we are on our way to McDonalds. harry turns on the radio and the song "daylight." by Maroon 5 one of my favourite songs at the moment begins to play, i start bobbing my head to the music and start to sing quietly "Here I am waiting I'll have to leave soon Why am I holding on?." i sing quietly knowing that if harry heard me he would say shut up just like Adam does, harry then looks over at me and smiles then back at the road "you know you can sing as loud as you want. "he says and i look at him surprised "really? your not going to tell me to shut up?" i ask and he laughs "no why would i do?" he questions, i shrug my shoulder and then harry starts to sing, loudly "And when the daylight comes I'll have to go But tonight I'm gonna hold you so close Cause in the daylight we'll be on our own But tonight I need to hold you so close.." i laugh as he sings and i join in singing loud and obnoxiously just like he is and he laughs too. we then get to McDonalds and the song ends. We both get out of the car and i smile up at him and he smiles back. We walk into the building and into the line. "what do you want?" harry asks me, i shrug "a coffee i guess." i say and he nods, we then get to the front of the line "hello, what can i get you two?" a women with dark brown hair who looked as if she was in her mid forties said "hi can i get one coffee, a green tea and a muffin please?" harry asks "what kind of muffin and what's in the coffees?" she asks "for the muffin a blueberry and for the coffee." he looks at me "just milk and sweetener." i tell her and she nods "coming right up ,and your total will be five dollars." the women said and then i saw harry taking out his wallet "no im paying." i told him taking out my money from my jean pocket "no its five dollars i can pay. "he says "no i pay." i say and try to hand the women the money but harry grabs my arm "no your not. "he says and then hands her a five dollar bill and i sigh and we move to the side "why cant you just let me pay?" i ask him "because that would be rude of me." he says and i roll my eyes. the tea, coffee and muffin came, and harry took his tea and muffin while i took my coffee. we sat down at the closest table we found. "do you want half my muffin?" harry asks and i shake my head "no thanks." i say and then he takes a bite of the muffin and i take a sip of my coffee "alright we are had McDonalds so start explaining this whole fiancée thing. "harry says after chewing his muffin, i sigh "alright here it goes. so when i was ten my parents tricked me into signing this contract saying that when i was eighteen i would have to move in with Adam and after six months we had to get married, when we are twenty six we have to have children and ya." i say "wait how did your parents trick you? "harry asks with his eyebrows raised "well my dad and mom told me that it was a contract saying that when i was eighteen i would marry a prince and stupid ten year old me signed it and now here i am." i say "why didn't you ever tell me that you had an arranged marriage and why would you lead me on at the dance if you knew we would never work out?" harry asks "because i was scared. i don't want to marry Adam, Harry, i really don't and i don't know why i lead you on at the dance i guess it was because i thought just maybe i could get out of this marriage if i found someone i actually might be capable of loving." i say "Amelia you know it doesn't work that way." he says "ya well i wish it did because when i saw you at the dance something changed, i don't know what but all i wanted to do was know you better and you completely took my breath away." i say but as these words come out all that's in my mind is harry is going to leave and never come back "i don't know what to say." harry states and doesn't say a word for a few seconds "Amelia i really do like you but we cant. we can be friends but that's it nothing more." he says "so you mean to tell me that the night at the ball didn't do anything to you or that kiss at ikea it meant nothing?" i ask him with my head down "Amelia no, but-" i didn't let him finish "but what? but you know we will never work, i don't want to be just friends!" i tell him feeling the tears threatening to come out "Amelia please just listen to me! "he says getting anger and i nod my head "sure." i say "i wish you didn't have this arranged marriage but i cant do anything about it and if we do get in a relationship all its going to cause is drama." he says "i get it harry, all you care about is getting hurt in this situation, you don't think about any of the positives its all negatives." i say "i care about you Amelia, i really do." he says looking in my eyes and putting his large hand on my small one, i pulled my hand away and looked away "if you think this isn't going to work and your not even going to try then what's the point of us talking?" i ask "to remind me that i may have had a  chance of being in love, but it never worked because someone was just to scarred to try?" i question and harry looks down "im sorry. "he states standing up " i cant do this." he adds and i shake my head holding tears in "do you need a ride home?" he asks and i shake my head and then harry just walks away, just like that and the tears i have been holding just freely fall. i don't understand why i was crying but i guess it was because i finally had hope of actually being with someone who i can be myself around but he didn't want that. i stood up and walked out of McDonalds trying to forget about harry and i at the dance or anything about him, i took my phone out and called Audrey.

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