Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


5. wearing my high tops!

i woke up to the sound of my phone ringing,i checked the time eight am,who calls this early? i then answerd it "hello?" i answerd half asleep "hey amelia."ohh that makes more sense it was adam "hi,why are you calling this early?" i asked "its eight am, how is that early?"he asked i sighed "nevermind whats up?" i asked "well i will pick you up at six so we will be at the dance and hour earlier and we could help set up for it."adam said "ok fine, i guess." i said "ok see you later." adam said"bye." i said, i then hung up. i tried to fal back to sleep but i couldent, so i got up and went downstairs to the kitchen. when i got to the kitchen i grabbed a bowl,milk,friut loops and a spoon. i poured the friut loops in the bowl then the milk and began to eat, then my mom walked down stairs i stopped eating and tried to stay as quiet as possible but it did not work "yesterday adam called and told us you went with audrey instead of him." mom said "he did?" i questioned "yes and that was not nice of you."she said "ya it also wasent nice of you to make me marry him." i snapped to her "we already went over this, adam is going to make a great husband."mom said "thats what you think." i told her "amelia stop being selfish!" my mother said angrily "how am i being selfish, i am not the one who is forceing someone to marry me!" i said angrily back "amelia plese just stop. your father and i will not change our decision."mom said sternly "just remember one thing,i will never forgive you for this." i said emotinless, mom looked down "we are doing whats best for you."she said and walked away. i continued to eat my fruit loops, after i was down i went to my room, now that i think about it i am always in my room now. when i got to my room i took out my phone and texted audrey "i need to talk!-amelia" i sent it then audrey answerd "whats up?-audrey." i texted back "everything!-amelia" she then texted back "more details?-audrey" i texted back "marrying adam,my parents..-amelia" i waited for a response and after five mintes she responded "amelia dont pannik maybe they will change there mind-audrey." "they are not going to change there minds!-amelia." "i am so sorry but i have to go my shift starts soon-audrey." i sighed and layed on my bed, why is my life awful?

(*8 hours later*)

i checked the time four pm, i decided to start getting ready. i first took a shower. as i went in the shower the reality began to come in, today was the last time i will be living at home after tonight i have to live with adam for the rest of my life, i was never going to be able to be in love. i then wiped the thought away i could not think about this. i then got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body, i first blow dryed my  wavy light brown hair then i carefully put on the light blue strapless ball gown, i got yesterday. i then i cured my hair and put it all on one side.now for the shoes, well i am not a big fan of high heels so i wll just wear my red high tops, i dont really think it matters about my shoes because no one will see my shoes. next thing to do is my makeup, i decided on wearing mascara,eyeliner and a light blue eye shadow. i was done. i checked the time five thirty. i decided on just watching tv for the rest o the time untill it was six. as i watched tv my mom and dad came in, my dad was wearing a black suit and my mom was wearing a red ball gown "darling you look beutiful."my mom said 'thanks." i said "whens adam coming?" dad asked "at six." i told him "stand up and give us a twirl." mom said "do i have too?" i asked, my mom gave me a look and then i got up and spun around "happy?" i asked she nodded "what shoes are you wearing?" mom asked "umm gold high heels." i lied "can i see?" she asked "no." i said "amelia." she said i sighed and showed her my shoes "amelia you can not wear those its a fancy dance, you can not wear those high tops."my mom said "no one will see them, i hate wearing high heels." i told her "amelia go take those off."she said "if i take them off and wear high heels i wont be able to dance." i said "amelia, listen to your mom."dad said "i can wear whatever i want, you cant tell me how to dress." i said getting up "well you are suppose to look good,wearing those high tops are not very lady like."my mom said "i dont care!" i said angrliy walking out the door, i cant belive i am saying this but i am actually happy adam is coming soon.it was finally six and adam came i jumped into the car "amelia your actually ready, i should go in and say hello to your parents."adam smiled "no lets just go to the dance." i said  "no i cant leave i have to say hi to your parents."he said i sighed "come on."he said dragging me out of the car. he knocked on the door "hello mrs and mr west." he smiled "hello adam." my dad smiled "adam can you tell amelia that she should be wearing heals to this event she dosent seem to listen to me."my mom said i rolled my eyes "amelia your wearing a very fancy dress, you should wear fancy shoes to go with it."adam smiled to me " i am wearing fancy shoes, my high tops." i stated "those arent that fancy."he said "i dont care." i stated "amelia go change your shoes now!"dad demanded, it was hopeless i will never be able to wear my high tops to the dance "fine." i stated walking away and grabbing a pair of black small heels and putting them on. i then grabbed a purse and shoved my high tops in it,i was going to wear my high tops no matter what anyone said. i walked back and put a fake smile on my face "done." i said "let me see."my mom said i rolled my eyes and lifted my dress a bit so she could see "ok those are good."she smiled "well adam we will see you at seven."my dad said "yes see you then ."adam smiled. we then made our way to his car.

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