Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


13. the dinner and the beginning

(a week later/get to together dinner)

its the day of the dinner and I am dreading to see harry because finally I am starting to forget about him and starting to be nice to Adam and Adams starting to be really sweet to me which I think is good but today that all changes, I don't know how I am going to react when I see harry, I try to imagine it but it seems impossible, it feels like when I see him everything he said to me at McDonalds will come rushing back and I'll break down crying but lets hope that doesn't happen. it was five forty and Adam and I had to leave at six thirty so it gave me some time to get ready. as I am picking out ,my outfit all that is in my head is I need to pick something that harry will like I know that's stupid but I guess I sort of still think of him a lot and I just want to show him that I am worth fighting for but I don't know what kind of outfit describes that, I want to dress like im a new person so he know that because of him I changed and all but I just cant find anything. as I continue to look at my closet I finally found a dress that was just a bit fancy and not something I would normally wear due to the fact I hate dresses, it was a white lace dress with a black belt that rested on my mid thigh, I then looked at all my choices in shoes and went for black heels something else I normally wouldn't wear but I just really wanted harry to look at me tonight and miss me just like I have missed seeing him. I go to the washroom and curl my hair at the tips and apply mascara, eyeliner on my top eyelid and a light eye shadow and I am done just in time. I walk downstairs to see Adam all ready waiting at the door "you look very beautiful." he says I smile "thanks, I tried to look just a bit more fancy today." I told him and he smiled. we made our way to his car and when we both were in he began to drive, it was a silent drive like usual but that was how our relationship was quiet, we barley talk to each other because I guess both of us find it awkward.


as we step inside of the restaurant I now know that this place is very fancy. the people here were all dressed up and it was just wow. Adam goes to the reservations girl "we are here for Beller."Adam says and the women smiles, "right this way" she says leading us to a table where I see harry and some of Adams friends. harry looks at me up and down and I blush just a tad knowing he is admiring my outfit. I sit down next to Adam and I can feel Harrys stare on me, but I don't look at him because I can not risk crying again. "hello everyone."Adam says "hey." harry says with his sweet British accent that made him talk a tad slow, I feel my heart break again just as I was beginning to heel it "harry, how have you been?"Adam asks "fine, how have you been? "he asks politely "very well actually."Adam tells him and I don't even look at harry at all knowing if I look at his flawless face for only a minute I would cry "Amelia how are you?" I hear someone say and that someone was harry, he sounded so casual like nothing happened between us "fine." I say finally meeting his eyes and then I felt my heart hurt and I quickly looked away.  Audrey and a boy with a buzz cut and warm brown eyes then made there way to the table "hey everyone. "Audrey says while sitting down. "Audrey." I smile "hey Amelia. "she says and sits down, then the other boy who I assume is named Liam sits next to her "hi im Liam." Liam introduces himself to me "Amelia." I say and stick out my hand and he shakes it. conversations begin but I stay quiet occasionally looking at harry to see him smiling, I guess he moved on and then me being pathetic can barley smile. then what he said at McDonalds comes rushing into my mind and that's when I cant take it, I get up and walk to the washroom holding in the tears that are threatening to come out. as I get into to the washroom I break down crying, I hate this feeling, the feeling of weakness because of some guy who doesn't even care enough to look unhappy when im around him. minutes later I hear a voice "Amelia?" its harry, I don't answer "Amelia are you alright in there?" he asks "ya im fine." I lie "can I talk to you?"  I don't answer him, I don't want to talk to him when I just cried "please come out. "he says and I sigh, deep down I know I need to talk to him. I stand up and walk out of the girls bathroom and see harry standing there "you didn't have to see if I was alright." I tell him "ya but like I said before, I care about you." he says "please can we not start this discussion I don't want to cry anymore." I say and he sighs "you know its hard for me too. "he says "ya right, I saw you laughing and smiling with everyone else, you didn't even look at me once." I say "how would you know?" he questions with a slight smirk on his face "it was hard to keep my eyes off of you, you look beautiful. "he says "don't say that." I beg him "what do you mean? "he asks "I don't want you saying sweet things to me because when you do all I think about is how I wasn't worth your time to fight for."I tell him "why do you only think this was hard on you. I know you know that I want us to happen but it wont work and you know that." he tells me "ya but if you really liked me you would at least think about it, you would fight for me even though our chances are slim." I say and tears fall down my face "please don't cry. "he says and steps a bit closer to me but I push him way "don't." I say "don't what?" he asks innocently "don't try and comfort me when your the reason im crying." I say "Amelia you don't understand do you? after McDonalds I couldn't get you out of my mind alright? but we cant do this, it will be to hard for the both us." he says "please just stop saying that." I cry "im sorry, I really and I mean really want to get to know you better but I cant and im sorry." he says " please just try.' I beg him and I hate begging him but I feel desperate at this time, I cant get him out of my mind and I want to be able to sing loudly in the car with him, I want to be able to joke around. "please save me." I beg of him "I want to joke around with you all the time, laugh and be happy." I say "screw this. "he says quickly and then presses his lips on mine and I kiss back, it lasted a few more seconds before harry pulled away "lets try this, I cant stand being away from you either." he says and a smile spreads across my face and he gives me a big hug "I really do like you. "he says into my ear and I smile, he unwraps his arms from me "and by the I think you look more beautiful when your just wearing your converses, t-shirts and jeans. "he smiles and I smile back.as we make our way back to the table where everyone else is I say one more thing to harry "can you sit next to me, please?" he laughs "sure. "he says and then when we get back harry moves his plate of food next to mine and sits right next to me, and I smile. the rest of the night was pretty good I began to talk to everyone and the thought of harry and me seemed so perfect.

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