Amelia a 18 year old girl forced to mary a family friend everyone says she will be so happy but audrey knows she will be misreble. at a dance she meets a person who changes her life forever will she be able to be in a relationship with the person who changed her or will she end up with the boy her parents picked.(hope you enjoy!)


14. the argument

****(next morning)

 I woke up to the sound of buzzing coming from my phone, I stretch my arm out to reach for my phone off the night stand as I receive it I turn it on to see a text from harry "hey are you busy by any chance?- harry" I yawn a bit and rub the tiredness out of my eyes "no why?- Amelia" I text back and roll out of bed. I look over at Adam who is still fast asleep, I quietly walk out of the room and into the living room and sit on the couch and finally harry texts back "because I want to call you.:)-harry" I smile just a bit and then my phone begins to ring "hello?" I answer knowing I sound really tired "hi." harry says "hey." I say "by any chance did I wake you up?" Harry asks and I know that a smile is playing on his face while he asks this question "yes, how'd you know?" I question "because you sound really tired. "he laughs "ya didn't get much sleep yesterday, Adam was snoring pretty loudly." I tell him yawning "you don't know how hard it is for me to hear those words." he says with a sad tone " i'm sorry I wont bring up Adam again because I would much rather talk about us hanging out soon." I state "I would much rather talk about that too." he says and I smile "why don't we meet up at Starbucks?" harry suggests "ya sounds good when?" I ask "now." "well I feel as if someone is pretty eager to see me." I say smiling through the phone " yup very." he states "alright I will be there in like fifteen to twenty minutes." I tell him "alright bye, see you soon." he says and I hang up making my way to Adam and i's room. as I walk in I still see Adam sleeping so I quietly make my way to the closet and pick out a pair of gray track pants and a blue t-shirt and make my way to the washroom

when I get to the washroom I strip from my clothes and step into the shower letting the water soak my pale skin and warm it. i couldn't help but feel really happy that i would see harry but also in a way i felt nervous like he was going to give up on the idea of us, i felt like if i said one wrong thing he would give up and i didn't want that.. i didn't want that at all. it wasn't like i was in love with him or anything.. well not yet at least but i know i'm capable of loving him already i cant get enough of that smile or when he laughs so hard he tilts his head back and reveals his two dimples that i admired so much, my thoughts were then disrupted when i heard Adam "Amelia! where are you?" he asks " in the washroom!" i respond loudly enough so he can hear me and not even a minutes later did i hear the door knob to the washroom open "Amelia, dear?" he says and my eyes widen "why are you in here? get out!" i yell at him "Amelia i'm not going to open the shower curtain i just need to tell you something and i will leave." he says and i sigh 'hurry up because your presents in the washroom while i'm taking a shower is very uncomfortable." i tell him "alright today at two, my parents have invited us over to plan more of the wedding." he says happily and i groan "do i have to, why don't you just plan the wedding?" i say "because you are a part of this too." he says "please can i just have one day to myself and go hang out with ha-" i stop myself before i blurt out Harry's name "who?" Adam asks with eyebrows furrowed "uh no one i meant Audrey." i say quickly trying to cover up what i almost said "no the name you said started with a h." he reply's "alright can we not have this discussion while i'm in the shower, get out!" i demand and with only a sigh i hear the door open and shut. i close the shower water and a sigh of relief falls from my lips. i dry my body up and put on my already picked clothes. i shove my hair in a pony tail and i'm ready to go to Starbucks. i open the door to see Adam sitting on the bench outside the washroom fidgeting with his fingers "care to explain what friend of yours has a name that starts with a h?" he asks and am completely lost of words, i don't know what to tell him. "i didn't think so." he sighs and stands up while i make my way to the front door. "where are you going?"he asks "out to get a coffee." i say causally "with who?" he questions "no one just myself." i say "you know i should probably mention this to you now since you seem to be sneaky today. in the contract of our arranged marriage  it does state that neither of us are allowed to have a romantic relationship with anyone else." he says and i look at him with a shocked look on my face "w..what do you m..mean?" i stutter "that if you have any intentions of sneaking around with anyone else you better drop them." he says stepping closer to me " i would never do that." i lie "well Amelia whose ever name starts with a h you should probably tell him your taken." he says with a slight smirk on his face "and also wheres your ring?" he questions "you should probably put that on." he states still with that stupid smug smirk on his face "i..i'm not cheating on you." i spit at him with disgust "and even if i was it wouldn't be cheating if i were forced to marry a person." i say sternly and he laughs "don't flatter yourself we both know this its something you would do. when little Amelia doesn't get her way she try so hard to ruin whatever plans she is forced into!" he yells at me this time and i am a bit startled, he has never yelled at me before "don't talk to me like that!" i yell back at him "you, you infuriate me so much sometimes! i try so hard to be perfect for you but its never enough!" he yells and i laugh at his statement he tries to be perfect for me, what crap he makes me feel stupid, and worthless. "shut up!" i yell "shut up right now! i swear to god my parents were idiots for making me sign that contract because you are a selfish, stuck up, rich boy who never takes blame thinks he always does right when reality is he makes people feel like crap he cares about no but himself and he gets what he wants!" i yell at him boiling with anger i wanted to punch him right now but i had to hold it in. "im leaving, bye." i say opening the door and walking out to the small silver car that Adam and i shared, i got in and began to drive to Starbucks as fast as i could all i wanted to do was see harry right now.


when i arrive at Starbucks i see harry sitting at a table staring down at his phone and i approach him and sit down opposite to him, he slides his phone in his pocket and smiles at me "hey." he says with that beautiful smile "hey." i breath out "if you dont mind me asking why do you look exhausted?" and I sigh slightly I don't want to tell him about Adams and I's argument because I don't want him to worry "I'm tired."I simply state and he gives me a look as if saying i'm not buying it "want to tell me the real reason?"  I shake my head slowly "well you don't have a choice."  he says with a bit of s smirk on his face and I look at hi for  bit and run my hands through my hair, "fine." I sigh.

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